5 thoughts on “Give Those Blues The Blues”

  1. Dennis,

    I do hope Halak gets a good reception. While those wins against Washington and Pittsburgh were a team effort, Jaroslav gave us some great memories.

    But after that I hope the boys can keep the run going.

    It feels like they’ve turned a corner. But then I think maybe they’ve turned so many corners this season they’re in danger of colliding with themselves, coming back the other way.

    While the Jets and Tampa may not have been the toughest opposition, it’s not like we could always count on them beating the weaker teams. In fact it’s been the opposite of that too often.

    Would we be shocked if they came out and played flat for 3 periods. I think not. They’ve got previous for that in recent seasons, just when we think they’ve got going.

    But I’ll be crossing everything and hoping they hit the ice ready to compete.

  2. There are some big rumors going around tonight saything that Cammy is being traded to LA for Stoll and Clifford and that Campoli has been shipped off as well. This may all just be a load of bull though.

  3. Blue Bayou, you called it. Dead on with the “Would we be shocked if they came out and played flat.” I’m not shocked but I’m quite mad at them.

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