20 thoughts on “Gionta Now A Hab”

  1. Geez is there a height bar out there or what? Maybe Bob has it wrong thinking you have to be able to walk under the bar to play for the Canadiens instead of being taller than the bar to play! Not every guy on the team has to be 6 feet but here we are with 3 new guys all well under, at least Gomez at 200 lbs should be able to handle some physicality. On the other hand we have added a lot of potential goals from these guys. Lastly Komo signing for 4.5 makes me wonder why Bob would not shell that out to keep a guy that was well liked and hits and blocks shots with the best of them. Is he damaged goods that only management knows about? Really lastly, we all know about Komo’s shortcomings but what kind of defenceman would he be today with proper coaching?

  2. I think Gainey did offer him a good contract like that. But he decided to test the market and go elsewhere. There was no loyalty, and I know it’s a business but I’ve never been able to get used to that aspect.

  3. All this action sure puts trade deadline day to shame eh? TSN just reporting that Bob is not interested in any of his remaining free agents. If that’s true that’s a bombshell. No thanks to Koivu, Kovalev, and Tanguay! This despite still having 12 mil in cap space. To be honest he should keep some space in case someone who could really help is still out there like JP Dumont last year but even more importantly it would be smart to only commit to what the cap will be next year. How are teams like NY Rangers going to get down to the cap next year?

  4. Forgot to add this in, any bets on who the new captain will be? My guess would be Markov.

  5. Is there no chance Kovalev will be back? First I heard he was coming back, then no. I really like Kovy, and think he he should captain if he returns.

  6. I really like Kovalev too… he’s likely going elsewhere now.

    I really thought he wanted to stay in Montreal…. but after not accepting a decent deal yesterday… maybe he doesn’t.

  7. Gionta’s and Gomez are small but if they can find the chemistry they had when they played together in NJ in the 2005 season then look out, Gionta had 48 goals and 89 points with gomez scoring 33 goals and 84 points. Size is becoming a bit of a non factor in todays NHL anyway. Dennis, I agree with you wanting Kovalev back, as much as i dont like him he just adds that much more depth to your team, maybe with all the other signings it could take all the pressure off him of being the only go to guy. But with all of the signings and moves they have made do they have the cap space to get kovalev without him having to take a pay cut?

  8. if anybodys interested , im hearing theres rumors of kovalev siging with the capitals.

  9. I think Gainey must be working on some underrated defensemen or on poaching some RFAs.

  10. Gainey’s comments on canadiens.com.

    “Both sides were interested in having Alex come back to Montreal, but we couldn’t come to terms in time”


    “As it stands now, this would mark the end for Alex with the Canadiens”
    – Bob Gainey

  11. I’m in a bit of shock right now. I really thought he’d be a Hab this year. And my wife, who’s Russian, is going to really disappointed when I tell her.

  12. Truthfully, I think Kovy wants to be the main go to guy. And he wouldn’t be now. I really thought he wanted to stay in Montreal, so I’m confused right now.

  13. I was hoping to see him back…. a bit disappointed.

    But he must have decided to really look at all his options.

    I get the impression that Gainey wasn’t waiting around this year to make sure he didn’t loose any opportunities…

    I’m glad Gainey showed some aggressiveness.

    But.. I will really miss Kovalev. He is so talented.

  14. Gainey really changed it up. And it needed that. That season was pathetic, embarrassing. As far as new captain goes, I suppose Markov would fir the bill. What about Kostopolous? A real team guy.

  15. I don’t think Kostopolous is coming back at least I read that somewhere. The thing with Kovalev is if there was an offer then Bob must have wanted him back but likely only at a cut in pay and possibly for a shorter term than Alex wanted. Bob’s thinking must have been well I want you back but not that much. That’s the thing about Kovalev he’s such a Jekyll and Hyde player maybe the risk of him spoiling the new mix was too big. If you’re going to remake your team maybe you don’t want a personality as big as Kovalev’s.

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