Gionta Finished

Brian Gionta has a torn bicep muscle, will undergo surgery on Friday, and that’s it for him.

So Kevin Weekes was dead-on when he said recently on HNIC that this would happen.

It’s the same sort of thing Gionta did last year.

The team also said that Brandon Prust and Ryan White would sit out game 5 with upper body injuries, while Carey Price remains day to day with a lower body problem.

It’s all lousy news, except that Lars Eller has begun skating again, which is great news.

I’m going to keep hoping and cheering through all this. I wouldn’t be a good fan if I didn’t.


6 thoughts on “Gionta Finished”

  1. Hey Dennis, Sorry for not putting anything up here In the last couple of weeks, I was so wrapped up in the Habs chances for the playoffs and the finish of the season I never came near the site.I will tell you something though,what I have seen of the the officiating in the playoffs have really made me want to give up hockey.The refs can control the outcome of the game,each and everyone of them,and they do just that. I’m not going to whine and snivel about a pour call on an icing or a penalty or how it is sometimes ok accidently or intentionally deflect a shot or a pass off your blade which might not be the one attached to you stick.I think that over the last twenty plus years since Gary Bettman has taken over ,he has found a way of throwing the cup out to who he sees fit . Do you think that the Bruins were not given any leaway the year they won the cup after their owner negotiated a contract extension with Bettman the previous November. Okay,got rid of for the Habs,it doesn’t look to good,we can all hope for the best which is what I will be doing.

  2. Wow, was that ever interesting, Beatnik. Vancouver really did get shafted many times. I’ve said it before – after all these years of pro hockey being in existence, you would think the officiating would be top-notch. But it’s far from it.

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