Gionta Breaks Out As Habs Look Better

Brian Gionta scored two goals and added an assist in leading his team to a 3-1 win over the visiting Buffalo Sabres.

That’s good, but there’s no way I’m getting carried away. Not after watching the team play so lousy the night before in Atlanta. They had no choice but to be better tonight, just for their own self-respect.

And in the last seven games it’s been “win one, lose one, win one, lose one,” so until they start to look like a real contender, I’m not jumping for joy.

But don’t get me wrong. A win is always a good thing. I’m still slightly mad at them because of several losses lately and the way they lost – blowing leads and looking half-dead for example.

And as far as Brian Gionta goes, he did indeed have a big two goal, three point night. But it’s about time he added to his stats. Including tonight, we’re looking at five goals and seven assists for 12 points in 23 games for a guy who is supposed to be one of our dangerous point-getters.

Montreal held the edge in play for much of the game, outshooting Buffalo 36-33, and how sad is it that a puck got by Carey Price with just a minute and eleven seconds left in the game to ruin his well-earned shut-out. But it’s still just one goal, he’s the man, and without him, where would our little team be?

Next Up: Not until Wednesday, when Edmonton pays a visit.

11 thoughts on “Gionta Breaks Out As Habs Look Better”

  1. I’m glad that their previous loss didn’t result into a losing streak, nice to see they bounced back. Hopefully they can pull a few consecutive wins!

    Price needs to lose the ‘stache. Looks like he’s being featured in a 60’s western movie.

  2. Phil, they gotta get meaner and tougher. They’ve got the skaters. now they need some more pizzazz. And we need to figure something out about Cammy and Gomez. We need more goals. And PK has to hit the net more.

  3. Dennis, I have to respectfully disagree with Phil. I think Price must keep the mustache. His game has been spectacular since he grew it and it has become as much a part of his equipment as his stick, glove and blocker.
    The movement to keep the ‘mo is gaining momentum.
    Keep the ‘stache Carey!

  4. Dennis, I’m not so worried about Cammy, sure, he hasn’t been scoring goals lately, but he’s still racking up the assists and he’s showing some life, he’ll breakout sooner or later
    Gomez on the other hand, I can agree with you, he just seems to be on another planet, I see no effort in him whatsoever. Maybe it’s because he’s past his prime.

    I’m not really superstitious, but I never really noticed that his game has been strong since the ‘stache. If that is the case then I’m all in for him keeping it!

  5. Hey Dennis,Well the Habs did play better last nite,they still have had some troubles putting the puck in the net.I can understand only three goals against Miller,but 0 goals the nite before isnt doing well.I think that Gomez needs to take the same scoring pills that Gionta swallowed before the game last nite.

  6. Team,

    This mustache debate is crucial as it goes to the key area of any sport, the importance of superstition. No fan or player can be complete without a bit of personal hoodoo going on.

    Has he been trimming it? If there’s been trimmage then what is the qualitative difference between that and removal? If he shaves but leaves a fine downy finish to his top lip, will that suffice? If not then he has to let it grow. And if he does, he needs to be looking into systems of complex mustache management right now, because otherwise by the playoffs there’ll be so much mustache to be folded up inside his mask he wont be able to see a thing.


    It’s like giving a decapitated man an aspirin but seeing Boston handed theirs (as I believe the current parlance has it) by the Thrashers does demonstrate that we weren’t the only team to head to Dixie without our No.1 game. We are in exalted company with the Washington and the Red Wings also being given a whacking recently. Doesn’t excuse the performance though.

    And even before last night I was seeing references to your man Dustin B around the place. One to sign when you take the reins?

    Highly paid pros should be able to adapt I know, but it does seem having watched the Sabres game that Kostitsyn plays best with Plekanec rather than it being a case that no-one gets going with Gomez at the moment.

    Did you see the story that Halpern puts much of his improvement down to a lot of work on his skating technique this summer? For someone not steeped in the game it seems strange that you could get to that level without having the technique in the first place. But then again I suppose slight refinements, correcting bad habits can make a real difference. Says something about the player though and his dedication to his job, when he could have been playing golf (or more golf).

  7. Good morning, Blue Bayou. Or good evening. It’s possible Mr. Price has been trimming his ‘stache, but I’m against the trimming. He looks like an athletic Freddie Mercury. Or a hit man. And no, although I like your idea, a fresh downy finish to the top lip isn’t good enough. Regardless, my wife isn’t happy.
    Even though Atlanta is beating other teams, it doesn’t make me feel better. The good old Habs are up and down and not yet the powerhouse we need to see. They need to get a little tougher I think, and this brings me to Dustin B who I’d have on this team in a New York minute, as a forward, not a defenceman. Power forwards are a wonderful thing. I’m telling you, when I’m owner there’s going to be changes.
    And the Halpern thing is, like you say, refinements here and there. It’s natural, for instance, for most players to turn more naturally one way than the other. Or I think they work on getting a quicker jump from a standstill. When I’m owner I’ll be teaching these things before I go for cocktails.

  8. Dennis,

    It’s actually afternoon. It’s always afternoon here because as you may be aware the sun never sets on the Empire…

  9. my two bits on the ‘stache. I think Price will look back in a few years and wonder what was he thinking (maybe its a girlfriend thing – lol). I used to have one in my 20’s and today still give my head a shake. But if it works for him, all the better for us.

  10. Mayo, I think, unless he’s fallen in love with it, it’ll be gone shortly. I think it’s the Movember movement for prostate cancer. But maybe he thinks he looks like Clark Gable and decides to keep it.

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