Ghoul Raises Its Grotesque Halloween Head

I’m not going to let the fact that he got a haircut and now looks almost normal ruin my Halloween edition.

So I’ll just carry on.

I don’t care if it’s Halloween, please don’t let your kids see this. You either. Turn your head. Send the little ones out of the room. It’s an image way too ghastly and hideous, and could cause nightmares and screw everyone up for years to come.

For the sake of yourself and the young ones, please, none of you look at the following picture.

5 thoughts on “Ghoul Raises Its Grotesque Halloween Head”

  1. Dennis,

    Have pity, he’s not just a “mother son”, he’s some mother’s son.

    It’s all right for you good lookin’ types but some of us have to walk in the shadows or we’ll scare the horses.

    btw After last night’s debacle I’ve sent the Bob Wills and the boys back to Texas. Haven’t had a chance to catch up on the game but 41 shots, 1 goal? This I have to see.

  2. He’s like the candyman – you say his name three times in front of a mirror and he comes out and causes your eyes to explode in self-preservation.

    And let’s not even contemplate the atrocity that is Ricci…

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