Getting Two Points The Ugly Way

I guess we could say the Habs won the game and got two big points, so we should be happy.

But the way they went about it needs to be recorded, then buried deep into cement like Jimmy Hoffa.

It was a 5-4 overtime win for the Habs over the pesky Calgary Flames, thanks to PK Subban accepting a Scott Gomez pass and blasting it into the net.

That part we high-five and celebrate.

The fact that the Canadiens blew a 4-0 lead is ugly. Ugly as can be. Usually it’s only two or three goal leads we can’t hold. Now it’s four goals. If only Sigmund Freud were alive to explain it to us.

I don’t want to criticize Alex Auld. Maybe he has kids who might see this by mistake and feel bad if I write nasty things. It’s not Auld’s fault. Not because he was weak, but because it was Montreal’s decision to hire him in the first place.

So I’ll say nothing bad about him. But it tells the organization one thing – this is what you’ll get most times from Auld, and although it’s not going to be good to play Carey Price most every night from here on it, it’s what must be done. Alex just isn’t a good goalie, bless his heart.

Auld has won this year, but it was mostly just good fortune. He doesn’t stand on his head, some nights the puck just misses by inches, sometimes it hits him, and he’s managed a handful of wins this way. He’s trying, he’s probably a good guy with a lovely family, but from here on in, we need to see Price.

On the bright side, Lars Eller scored, as did Mike Cammalleri, Andrei Kostitsyn, and Jeff Halpern. Kostitsyn once again played with much more interest and it seems he’s decided to use his great shot more. It doesn’t take Sigmund Freud to figure out that that’s what he should be doing.

Next up – Tuesday in Buffalo. It’s probably a great thing to get out of Dodge for a bit. Fans want a couple of answers and the team probably doesn’t feel like getting into it right now.

12 thoughts on “Getting Two Points The Ugly Way”

  1. I don’t think Alex is that bad Dennis, he had a bit of an off night tonight. It’s got to be tough playing your first game at home in Montreal. I can imagine everything that went through his head tonight. Overall, he’s been pretty solid when we’ve needed him this year, and if you look at the run he had with the Canucks that year when Cloutier got hurt, you can see he that he can get the job done. He also had a good run in Ottawa and in Boston. He’ll never be a starter, but he’s a pretty solid backup with pride and heart. The Canadiens decided to sit back again tonight with the big lead, and that’s what ultimately killed their momentum tonight (again).

  2. Apparently AK’s parents have attended the last two games, and he’s scored each time. I think Habs fans should take up a collection to buy them tickets to each game remaining in the season, home or away.

    Auld was bad and so were his defenders, who decided to stop moving their feet and backchecking. He also got lucky because the Flames pinged it off his posts 2 or 3 times before Bourque finally broke the shutout. And the five hole softie he let in was putrid. I could smell it from here in Halifax.

    He couldn’t calm down, refocus and regroup, and the team decided to panic along with him. Cammy said they couldn’t play well with a lead last year, did it early on in the season this year, and no they’re not doing it right again.

    Ya think so, Sherlock? Also you and Gio better quit taking BS penalties in the offensive zone.

    I apologize to Auld’s kids. He seems like a swell guy and a great Dad and a likable guy. But Habs fans are never gonna mistake him for Carey Price no matter how drunk we get.

    Props to Subban and I dunno WTF the Montreal Canadiens aren’t allowed to celebrate a hard-earned win but screw that. PJ Stock, you can kiss my patootie you hack. The Habs didn’t want you, okay? It’s been 10 years. Time to get over it or get therapy. Either way just get off my TV.

  3. Jesse, I never like to really disagree with commentors if possible, but Auld has never been good except on the odd occasion. I live amongst Canucks fan and they couldn’t wait to see the last of this guy. When you watch him, do you see a goalie in charge? I sure don’t. I see pucks hitting him and such, but I don’t see a good goalie. He makes me nervous. I think when you say he’ll never be a starter says a lot. He needed to come up big when Calgary began to get chances, and he didn’t. He needed to snuff the rally and and he couldn’t. He’s been with eight different NHL teams in ten years or so, and that has to say a lot.

  4. Hey Tyg. Let’s add vodka to AK’s parents’ perks. And yes, like you said, props to PK. He’s a guy I want so much to become a star. C’mon PK. Be a star. You’ve got everything it takes.

  5. Dennis, it was a case of the good, the bad and the ugly.

    Good that we got two big points and moved up in the standings. Bad that fans were subjected to another nail-biter after the Flames scored four goals in a row. And ugly to watch an Alex Auld meltdown before 21,273 fans.

    But PK saved the day. Now, if only we still had Markov and Gorges. I would love to see PK used as a forward. I think he would be just the thing that we are lacking up front.

    Here’s the game winning goal which includes PK’s best William Tell imitation…

    It was a completely forgettable game I agree, but with a few notable exceptions. PK has come alive and is playing well at both ends. And ever since Jacques Martin had his little chat with Andrei Kostitsyn, he’s been transformed into the Belarusian Beast we know and love. Cammy’s goal coming out of the penalty box was also thing of beauty.

    And I too thought Auld played reasonably well in his previous outings. But now I’m beginning to doubt him. I hope it was just a bad game. Otherwise, Pierre Gauthier may have to swing a deal somehow to find a more suitable backup. Price can’t play every game.

    And you’re absolutely right Dennis. This win is most definitely the ugliest of them all.

  6. What is wrong with the boys not being able to hold onto leads. I’m going to die of a heart attack soon!
    I’m glad that they won, but they’ve gotta keep their game tight. allowing the opposing team come back from a 4 goal deficit is not acceptable.

    I did however liked PK’s celebration. And I also liked how Alex Tanguay defended him. Controversy averted

  7. phil, i pray you don’t, but if you die of a heart attack soon jm should be charged with murder in the 1st degree. ’nuff said on that……………i don’t care if you have an empty net there is no excuse for constantly blowing leads……. leafs have goaltending depth perhaps we can unload another over paid bum on them, ala komisarek for a good guy ……….. i know it is hard but we should be cheering for the leafs for obvious reasons, ( boston’s draft pick ), an intelligent cheer as opposed to an emotional cheer.

  8. I think it all boils down to leadership on D to maintain leads. Hamerlik, Spacek, Gill cannot provide this anymore. PK is our only impact player back there but he is too young. we need a stud guy who people look to in high pressure situations. They look to guys who demonstrate and people alleviate tensions when they see the guys step on the ice. Someone like Chara inspires confidence. Sorry but Hammer, Spacek and Gill don’t. That’s what we’re missing. And it would help if Mighty and Minny would stop taking stupid penalties. Good on PK. Keep celebrating and stop listening to idiots like Cherry and BJ Spock. Hopefully Auld was nervous and I agree he has played better. I have more confidence in him than our D. He fell apart because our guys didn’t help one f****n bit. This meltdown is because of bad D mostly. It was almost totally embarrassing.

  9. The title of this entry is absolutely right, that was a well earned point. They played with 2 forwards down, one of them being Cammy who was just starting to channel his scoring touch again.

    They played a pretty strong game in my opinion, Price was standing tall, and PK even assisted with some of the goaltending!
    They should hold their heads high, shake this one off and redeem themselves next time!

  10. I’m not a big fan of Auld either, he’s always been a backup and never had any potential for being a starter. I thought we could have gotten better for $1M. He’s definitely overpaid considering how little he plays.

    To be fair, I wonder if having Auld at practice has anything to do with the huge improvement in Price’s play this year. I don’t see enough (any) of him to see the nuances, but the two have similar builds.

    Also looking at the statistics now, Auld is doing pretty well.
    16th in save percentage, Price is 22nd or 10th among starters
    12th in goals against average, Price is 19th or 8th among starters

  11. But about Auld, Christopher, he does the basics and that’s all. The puck hits him, or slides by. I just remember so well from him being in Vancouver, how mediocre he was, and how disappointed I was when Montreal signed him.

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