Getting To The Meat Of The Story In Carey Price’s Home Town

Much of the hockey world is abuzz of course with the news of the Canadiens dealing Jaroslav Halak to the St. Louis Blues for a couple of prospects that may or may not make a difference in the scheme of things. Newspapers and blogs are on the story like a quarterback on a cheerleader. It seems it’s the talk everywhere, including, I’m sure, around the proverbial watercooler.

But is it the talk in Williams Lake, the little town in BC’s interior where Carey Price, now the Habs number one goaltender, grew up?

I spent several valuable minutes trying to find out.

First, a phone call to the Williams Lake Tribune, where editor Ken MacInnis very politely told me he hadn’t heard much about it all and hadn’t heard others talk about it either. But he told me to try the Oliver St. Bar and Grill, which I did.

“You’re talking to the wrong person,” admitted bartender Jenna. “I don’t follow sports at all. But phone back at 5 because Tony will be in and he’s a big sports guy and he’ll fill you in, I’m sure.”

At 5;10 I phoned and Jenna answered and I asked for Tony and she said she had mentioned to him that I had called and asked about any buzz in town about Price and he said he hadn’t heard much of anything and there wasn’t any buzz and she apologized and I hung up and now I’m typing this tremendously exciting in-depth story about the non-buzz in Williams Lake, home of Carey Price.

Williams Lake, at least at the Tribune and the Oliver St. Bar and Grill, isn’t buzzing.

14 thoughts on “Getting To The Meat Of The Story In Carey Price’s Home Town”

  1. That’s funny actually. Carey maybe thought he was 50/50 to stay with the organization, but at worst I put it at maybe a 10% chance he’d be traded. Perhaps they see it the same way.

    At work this morning – the office is divided amongst Leafs and Habs fans BTW (gets interesting at playoffs to say the least, though there is a lone Hawks fan there too) – it’s all anyone talked about. I couldn’t find a single Hab fan who thought it was a good idea to trade away a proven player and hope that more potential great prospects will become proven players a few years down the road, and even if they do can we afford them then. Bad sentence, sorry, but it sums up the general concensus nicely.

    I’m really hating that word – potential – BTW. The Leafs fans loved this deal, and were gloating and giving us Hab fans incredible hell. If that’s not enough right there to convince me it was a bad idea, then nothing ever will.

  2. Dennis Kane, Investigative Reporter, CNN (has a ring to it!)

    To be honest I like the trade. It gets rid of the controversy about who’s #1. Pricce had better come through. He now has no choice. I hope he cleans up his act and matures a lot. He had better have some mentoring like Crosby. I give Sid credit for doing what he did. Halk played well but someone mentioned that horrid goal in the final game among other mistakes he made. I don’t think he was scintillating during the regular season. I hope he does well in St. Louis cause frankly I prefer him to price. And we got size back which may be good. We have to wait and see unfortunately. 9th overall can’t be overlooked.

  3. Thanks Tyg, knowing that Leaf fans think it’s a bad deal for Montreal reassures me to no end.

    Dennis, rather than hoping Schultz will do what Moen was supposed to do, I’m going to hope that Eller will do what Andrei Kostitsyn is being paid big $$$ to do.

  4. Tyg. I know a Leaf fan. He just got a DUI, lost his job, got a divorce, and is broke. Those crazy Leaf fans.

  5. Mayo – such a voice of reason! Wow. I’m glad you’re on my upper-management team when I own the club.

  6. Good one, Christopher. All Eller has to do is just a little and it’ll be more than Andrei.

  7. Sorry Christopher. I wasn’t trying to rub salt in it. I’ve had enough salt today myself. Was just hating the Leafs again, and their fans, but moreso than usual. My tolerance level seems extremely low today. Go figure. But Dennis came through at least, yeah? Thanks Dennis! That cheered me up immensely!

  8. No Tyg, I don’t view Leaf fan taunts as salting my wounds. To me their disapproval is the good stuff that Dennis shares with his mother. The last thing any Leaf fan with half a hockey mind would do is gloat.
    And I saw some of your problems today with Nick who disapproves of thinking for oneself. He probably falls into the rioting fan category rather than the one that appreciates great hockey.

  9. Hey Dennis, Well i guess you gotta think that if you make a call to a small town which is the home of a town hero asking questions about said hero, and if this guy has had a difficult time in the last year or so in his career,hang on,would you be up for a pile of information for or against this fellow.I’m just saying in a round about way that,these folks don’t want to say alot about their star .I am not giving you shit or anything such like that,I just figure that they are trying to protect their buddy .I can understand your effort in trying to get the facts correct for us Hab fans,but I think that these folks probably wouldn’t say shit if their mouths were full of it.

  10. Hey Derry, I figured folks there would be excited about the Habs choosing their boy to take them to the promised land. But I couldn’t find any excited people.

  11. Habby, yeah, I thought it was worth a try. Maybe I phoned the wrong places. I thought about the arena but then remembered it’s summer and probably empty.

  12. Anahim Lake was where he spent his baby years but he was raised in Williams Lake. I figured that would be where the buzz was.

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