Getting Their Names On The Scoresheet

When you look at the score sheet from the previous game and the Habs listed on it, you see one offensive star – Brian Gionta, and the rest are the grinders, plumbers and journeymen of the team. It’s a beautiful thing. Now, if we can just get all four lines on the score sheet, Pittsburgh wouldn’t have a chance.

Here’s the guys who got points in game four along with Gionta. Tom Pyatt, Maxim Lapierre, Travis Moen, Glen Metropolit, Marc-Andre Bergeron, and Roman Hamrlik.

6 thoughts on “Getting Their Names On The Scoresheet”

  1. I love it Dennis.

    I’m really liking Tom Pyatt….. and having the grinders getting points… awesome.

    They’re playing with heart…. as a team…. together…. it’s really cool.

  2. How can you forget to include Mike Cammalleri? He’s actually leading the team in points! And 5th in the NHL

  3. No Phil, it’s just the guys who got points from last game that I mentioned. All grinders – except for Gionta.

  4. Oops, my bad, I didn’t read properly. that’s what happens when you’re sleep deprived

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