Getting Some Lowdown On The Russian Team’s Antics

When you saw the young Russian players yelling and screaming into the camera after winning the World Junior gold, did you wonder at all what some of them were saying? Were they rubbing it in, saying things they shouldn’t have said?

Fortunately I have an official translater, my wife, who went back and reviewed the recording, and she has this to say.

“Yes, they acted goofy, and they’re just kids, but it was slightly embarrassing. And they said words used in the Russian language that aren’t exactly swear words but are close, and used often when people get worked up.” 

So what were some of the things they yelled into the camera as they were being goofy?

“Mama? We did it!. Mama, we &%^#$ did it!”

“We’re the *&$%& best, we’re &^#%$% champions, have a look” – pointing to their Russian crest on their jersey and new baseball hats on their heads. “Have a look. We’re the &%^%# best!”

My wife went on to explain that their obscenities weren’t tremendously hard-core swear words, but were lighter swear words that might make some Russians cringe. Especially their mamas.

She also said that aside from the bad words, she was embarrassed by their worked-up behaviour in front of the cameras, the screaming and such, and says it looked like they just got out of a long stint in prison. All in all, she thought they looked like idiots, but she was proud when one of the Russian players gave his stick to some Canadian fans in the stands.

And what did she think about the Russian boys getting kicked off Delta Airlines for unruly behaviour?

“They deserved it,” she says. “Kids must learn that you can’t act like that, even after winning such a big thing. When you’re stupid, you’re stupid. It’s embarrassing to Russian people.”

(Please note: My wife grew up in Soviet Russia during the Cold War, and antics like what these kids were doing was seriously frowned upon when she was young. Heck, back then it wasn’t even cool to cheer at hockey games. So she just wasn’t crazy about the way these young kids acted, although they certainly deserved to celebrate after being down 3-0 in the third period and coming back to win. But I’m with her, I thought they were a bit nutty).

7 thoughts on “Getting Some Lowdown On The Russian Team’s Antics”

  1. I reserve &%^#$ to describe Kane’s really strong &%^#$ beer which should not be opened in polite company. Everything else is acceptable.

    Although I’m still upset with what they did to our Canadian boys, they deserved their celebration and didn’t think they went overboard on TV. They should be embarrassed by their behaviour at the airport but I primarily blame their escorts. They should have been given a few more hours to stop puking. A body expecting alcohol isn’t designed to handle American beer.

  2. I agree with that guy, let ’em party, they deserved it.
    How would you react if you had just beaten “Canada”.
    Just lads remember.
    We’ll get ’em next year.

  3. Marc, the only thing I didn’t like about the whole celebration is that they didn’t mind swearing in front of the camera and a few million people.

  4. Hobo, I asked my wife and she says she can’t repeat any. But if you win the lottery, why don’t you yell “Where’s Dennis so I can give him some money!!!!”

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