Getting Back To Business

All-Star weekend has come and gone, the television is being warmed up, and we’re all ready for the Habs to lay a beating on the Buffalo Sabres. And for the 50th time this season, I’m saying this is a must-win game for Les Glorieux.

Montreal presently sits in 11th spot with 47 points, while the Sabres are 14th, just 2 points back, with 45 points.

But it should be no problem, right?

The Sabres are 2-7-1 in their last 10 games, so you know what that means? It means they’re angry young men.

So let’s make them even more angry.



6 thoughts on “Getting Back To Business”

  1. The Sabres are going to come out gunning for those two points. We better not slack off because this week is a real do or die for us. We mess up this week and we’re really done.

    If they play with the same intensity as the Detroit game this should be a good one.

    We need these games bad and we can’t afford to fool around anymore.

  2. The next three games are so key. Buffalo tonight, then New Jersey Thursday and then Washington Saturday. All four-pointers.

    Time to take them all Habs.

    No more Mr. Nice Guy.

  3. We need some serious stomping, Danno. We’ve seen how they can play well, but we haven’t seen them do it for an extended period. We’re going for three in a row tonight. And you point out all these four-pointers. Wow. If they come out flat tonight I’ll be surprised.

  4. No more fooling around, Darth. We need some serious wins, and if they’re flat against Buffalo, we’re all going to be quite pissed and rightly so.

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