Getting An Eyeful. What The Puck?

Today was the day I made my final visit to the eye specialist so he could tell me all’s well after things weren’t going so well. All I have to do now is drop some steroids in my eye for three more weeks. I hope I’m not tested if I’m called up to the Habs to be the pure goal-scoring right winger they need.

What this means is, my time has shrunk and I’m not able to post anything meaningful. So before I headed out to see this eye guy, I put together a couple of tiny litttle posts, like a picture of a few pucks I have – Russian pucks – and after that, a nice photo of some new Habs. Sorry. This has probably happened to Red Fisher from time to time too.


4 thoughts on “Getting An Eyeful. What The Puck?”

  1. Dennis, you have until September to detox from those steroids and even then, you say, “it was the trainer from Siberia who gave those to me.” You’ll get acquited, I have full faith in you. I like the Bullwinkle puck above.

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