Get Out Of Your Easy Chair, Mats, And Do What You Should Be Doing

I’m not like Mats Sundin. I have to go to work today. So do you.


I think Mats Sundin will sign with the Montreal Canadiens. And it’s only because the main rival to the Habs for Sundin’s services are the Canucks. Thank goodness it’s the Canucks. Everyone else has spent their allowance.


And even though Vancouver has offered Sundin three million a year more than Montreal, the bottom line is, Sundin wouldn’t mind winning a Stanley Cup, which the Canucks won’t be doing anytime soon. And his previous team? There’s a thousand jokes about that.


But the Habs will. Maybe even next year. Sundin knows this, of course, and anyway, what’s a lousy three million? Sundin lights his cigars with that kind of money.


I do however, think it’s a little rude on Sundin’s part to make teams wait. He’s a good player but he’s not the Rocket. And I’ll bet he’s enjoying the attention.


Just retire at 40 or 41, Mats. Consider yourself lucky that teams like the Montreal Canadiens are willing to pay you seven million dollars and give you a chance to win the Stanley Cup, something that was only a hallucinatory dream in Toronto. And of course, Mats, that along with your aging birth certificate comes aging bones, and if you go on the injury shelf, Montreal still pays you your millions.


So it’s a win-win for you. You probably don’t play a lot, you win a Stanley Cup, and you make your seven million. WHAT”S THE PROBLEM? 


Retire at 38 years old and turn down millions of dollars? Imagine?


How many of us can do that?






6 thoughts on “Get Out Of Your Easy Chair, Mats, And Do What You Should Be Doing”

  1. Trouble in Toronto,it seems Gaston has hooked up with Ed the Sock !Here in the East we know Ed loves Cuban cigars & Gaston is an easy mark for some cutie to offer free beer.I feel La Punkeete picked these two up on Queen St W. because they were last seen getting into a car with a female with New York plates!Now we all know anything Cuban is a no-no in the U.S.of A. &and Gaston is an easy pushover for the chicks.
    Coast Guard reported today two very small guys being dragged alonged by the current out into Lake Ontario.I think La Punkette through them off the bridge on her way back to the USA–What a wench,der Hab & I will keep a lookout & hope they survive this evil Saber’s deed!!
    Les Canadiens Sont La !!!!

  2. Mike,

    I read your entry with sorrow because, after all, one does hope. Alas, la P is incorrigible. You’d think she might have shown just a tad of altruism, a soupcon of concern for the rest of the world and tossed in a Twinkie or two, but not la P. She has no shame … probably stole their Cuban cigars.


    Patience! Compassion! Remember, Mats just endured 13 years in Hockey Hell, give the poor dood a chance to likc his wounds, to heal, to get his bearings. Imagine the family dawg. You’ve just moved and what does he/she do? She mopes and sulks, has the jitters and `makes strange’ until after a certain period of adaptation he/she finds the hydrants and trees and rocks on which to piss. At last, he/she is home and at peace with the world. Now, imagine that you’ve saved this dawg, a champion battler, from the clutches of Michael Vick … ahhh, Mats needs luuv & understanding, not harsh words and imperious commands. We don’t want Mats to sit and roll-over, we ant him to skate and score goals.

  3. We have $7 million left in cap space. We probably want to stay under about $2 million in case of injuries and if we need to call up someone from the minors, so unless there’s a trade, Sundin can only sign for about $5 million with us.

  4. I’m not a Canucks fan, but let’s face the facts. Montreal is in no way a better team than Vancouver. The eastern conference is a joke! Last year, the West was 83-53-14 versus the East while the East was 67-67-16 versus the West. That’s a huge discrepancy. What that record tells you is…..if the West were a hockey team…. they’d be Detroit (54-21-7) and if the East were a hockey team, they’d be like Toronto (36-35-11). Montreal, btw, had the best regular season record in the east but they were a pathetic 3-5-2 against the West. Vancouver wasn’t even a top 8 team in the West but had a record of 5-3-2 against the East (the year before, Vancouver was 8-1-1). Vancouver is by no means a great team in the West…. but they’d be stellar team if they played in the East.

    The other thing is….. Vancouver was decimated with injuries to their D last year. They had the most man games lost to injury for defensemen in the entire league. Their top 6 defensemen never played a single game all together. In 2006-07, when their D were together…. they were first in their division and posted 105 points (which was more than the 104 points Montreal had last year). Funny… that was the same year Montreal didn’t make the playoffs.

    Bottom line is….you homer Eastern conference fans need to realize that comparing your pathetic Eastern conference teams to Western conference teams is just not possible. The West owns the East.

  5. I find it kinda funny too that you’re mocking a team that Montreal hasn’t beaten in 8 years!

    Since 2000…..
    Vancouver is 9-0-1-0 against Montreal
    Montreal is 0-8-1-1
    Combined score….. 38-16

    What a joke!

  6. That was then and this is now. And believe me, because I’m in Canucksland, I heard about it with every loss.

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