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Is it a good thing or a bad thing that Mats Sundin remains quiet? Is he ready to join the Habs, or is he taking his time waiting to get a better offer from the Rangers or Wings or such? How much money does a person need, I ask?


Foxsports’ Spector says Montreal is also interested in Brian Campbell, the fine defenceman who played for the Sharks last year, and also Marian Hossa, if the Sundin thing falls through.

The Montreal Gazette says that free agent forward Brian Rolston would be the best fit of all for the Habs.


My take on all of this waiting, all these rumours, all the guessing, is that I feel Montreal is just one player away, whether it’s a quality defenceman  or a quality forward, to be a huge contender for all the marbles next year.

But none of this is nothing new to you. Everything’s in the news daily, and you’re as smart as me, probably smarter. I’m just mentioning it because it’s a holiday weekend, (in Canada), it’s sweltering hot here on the west coast, and most of you are holed up in tents and campers and peeing in lakes, and not reading this anyway.


But to those of you who are reading this blog quite regularly, (and surprisingly, there’s a healthy bunch who seem to be sticking with me through thick and thin), I say to you – you’re excellent and your mother did a fine job in raising you.


I would also like to put this out to you. If you know of any retired Montreal Canadien living somewhere and maybe know a little about what he’s doing nowadays, please tell me. I’d like to start listing a “Where are they now” section. You can email me at or just add a comment about it to any posting.

I’m off the beaten track on this northern part of the Sunshine Coast, and so I know very little about the going-ons of ex-players. Charlie Hodge lives near Vancouver, Gilles Lupien is a successful players agent, Guy Lafleur spends a lot time in court, etc. etc.

So if you can help, I feel your mother did an even better job of raising you than most.

5 thoughts on “Get Off The Beach And Get Back To Hockey – Where You Belong”

  1. DK,

    Who is out there who is going to make a substantive diff to the `equipe’? Sundin? Yes. Definitely an impact player. Bert? Sure, if he’s not overpriced. Rolston? Yeah, he would be interesting especially if we let Streit walk, although why Gainey would do so is not evident – everybody goes on about Campbell but Streit equalled his points and he can play on the front end as well. Do we really need a defenceman?? Aren’t some of our guys sufficiently groomed to step up … O’Byrne, for example? As for guys such as Hossa, forget it – waste of money and talent simply because we don’t need him and while he might bring a few more goals the price we would pay weakening ourselves in other areas – robustness, defense, balance, grit – more than offsets his possible contribution to the offense … and, no, forget fantasies of a high-octane offense a la 80s Oilers or Habs 70s/50s, we have some really outstanding talent but nothing that compares to a Gretzky/Messier/Kurri or Lafleur/Shutt/Lemaire or Beliveau/Richard/Geoffrion let alone superb defencemen such as Coffey or Robinson or Harvey.
    So, it seems pretty straightforward to me: Sundin, & Streit & maybe Rolston, maybe Bert.

    And, DK, almost any news source on any topic is superior to what comes out of the Gazette in particular and the Montreal english media in general. Sticking to sports, the only sports reporter with anything to say doesn’t say it – Fisher hoards secrets like a miser gold – and when he does say something he sounds like an awol Capt from the late 30s BEF, eh what old chap … hmmm, does he tote around a swagger stick and expect to be saluted? As for the rest of that sorry bunch? LOL, for example, the hysteria re Lindros was childish in content and anal obsessive in all ways and the coverage of the Brasher/McSorley incident was equally pathetic. As for the hypocricy re the CFL, it is worth reviewing as a text-book exercise in how the media cynically operates to cover its mediocre ass. In sum, with the exception of poor abused Gaston, your independent observations and analyses are more valid and certainly more interesting. Hey, here’s an idea: you should set up the `Kane Blue, Blanc et Rouge Ribbon Awards’ doled out yearly for excellence in electronic media new coverage. You could easily get one for sports coverage. Humour? For sure, that riff on Gaston in context is priceless. You’d be a lock for the Humanitarian Ribbon, I mean, look how tolerant and patient you are to lower forms of life such as Lawrence? ‘Course, he may not exist which may compromise things somewhat but, hey, the intent is there and you have your `niceness’ to la P to fall back on. Yup, I think you should seriously consider setting up your own awards ceremony.

    p.s My mother would probably disagree with you.

  2. Habber, I agree completely about the players out there like Hossa and Campbell not being worth it while Rolston and Sundin would. If Bertuzzi played like he did pre-Moore, he’d be great with the Habs, but I feel the stigma won’t go away ever.
    Who will retire first, Red Fisher or the Queen?
    And Lawrence is alive and well and living in Powell River. He’s going to New York for four days in a couple of weeks. I need to have a serious talk with him about returning to the blog comments. I know he’s missed. He needs to know that. Regardless of the fact he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. And his dad is a Habs fan.Imagine.

  3. I’m worried if Montreal gets Campbell. I think, even without Streit, our defence is fine as it is. We’re already paying Hamrlik and Markov $5.5 million a year. Campbell would add about $7 million to that. I don’t think I want $18 million tied up in three defencemen unless Scott Niedermeyer is one of them.

    We still have Boullion, Komisarek and Gorges (although the last one is a free agent). Plus, lots of young good defencement in the minors.

    I think we need need more firepower. We had a lot of guys have career years last year. We can’t expect that again, and we also need to be ready in case some of our young players decline this season (which usually happens).

    As for a “where are they now”, Noel Price, who won a cup with the Habs and played for several different teams, but was one game shy of playing 500, is living in Ottawa. He was elected to the AHL Hall of Fame last February.

  4. I agree about needing firepower. It showed against Philadelphia in the playoffs. And Campbell probably isn’t the answer to making the Habs serious.
    Thanks, you guys. It’s amazing how many great folks there are out there who know their stuff.
    And thanks Tom for the Noel Price update. I’m hoping to collect a bunch a put them all together for later.

  5. DK,

    Spain won! Beat Deutchland 1-0 and, it would seem deservedly so. Does this herald a new era in Spanish history? Is this the end of the Inquisition’s long reign? Will Spain at long last come out of the 15 century, kiss Franco good-bye, become more civilized, a better neighbour (yup, in today’s world even Tibet is next door) and stop stealing our fish … whatever they have left to us? Stay tuned, sports fans, the World Cup will decide.

    I really like the idea of catching up on ex-habbers and would like to hear how they are doing re quality of life. I would hate to think that we are dissing them as Russia has so many of their great ex-players. Then, I think the NHL should be throwing rubles that way because, after all, they not only provided us with superb hockey/entertainment but contributed enormously to the evolution of our game.

    I like Tom’s comments except I disagree with his take on our supposed lack of `firepower’. We didn’t lose to Philly because of such a lack but because, as often happens in sport, Philly lucked into a groove, for whatever reasons, the Hockey Gods/Fates decreed that their numbers would hit and, even though we severely outplayed/outchanced them, ours would not. The best team lost, the weaker team won – hey it happens, but it would be wrong-headed not to acknowledge this fact just as it would be equally so to pretend that we had the maturity and depth and resiliency to defeat a great Wings team mot that we can’t get to that level … yes, next year is not entirely out of the question. So, pure and simple, Philly got `all’ the bounces, all the breaks and their essential flimsness was exposed by the Pens whom, I am confident, we would have beaten. I think we have plenty of that and that Tanguay will be a positive addition to our offensive stats. Yeah, there is always one, occasionally two, players who `fall off’ as did, say, Ryder, last year, but invariably that is because other players have stepped up and more than compensated for this decline. Offense stems very much from overall team defense and as long as we continue to balance a strong defensive corps with a set of determined two-way forwards (hence the appeal of Rolston) our offensive will continue to mature. That’s a key reason why getting Sundin would be very good for us. Probably the most misunderstood aspect of Sundin’s game is his physical presence. He is big and strong and bruising, he plays much tougher than people think and, unlike a Hossa, he doesn’t need another stronger player to complement in order to excel.

    So Lawrence does exist, eh? He’s not a figment of your imagination but a real live flesh and blood canucklehead. How, well, delightful. Please, do bring him back. He makes a better target than even the donkey missing its tail. Bouncing multi-syllabic slapshots off his orca-sized head will add some always welcome comic relief. Who knows? Maybe some metaphorical rubber will knock some sense into his fishy take on hockey? And I’m sure Gaston will be happy to have you spend more time deflecting pucks aimed at Lawrence than shooting them at him. Hehe, I bet even that insouciant punkette, la P, will enjoy bonking him with a wrister or two.

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