Gerry Plamondon Showed Up The Other Day

Gerry Plamondon showed up at my house the other day. No, not the person, the Bee hive photo. And it’s a fairly tough Bee Hive to get because Gerry wasn’t exactly a star, so he wasn’t a popular Bee Hive to order back in those days. Gerry played for the Habs from 1945 to 1950, scoring a total of seven goals during these five years.

So even though Gerry Plamondon wasn’t a star, he was a Montreal Canadien. And that’s pretty darn good. And in the 1948-49 playoffs, he notched five goals and an assist in seven goals, which is, well, superstar numbers. So, for seven games at least, Gerry Plamondon was a superstar.


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