Georges Vezina Could Really……..

Legendary Habs goaltender Georges Vezina was really good at two things in particular, it seems.

Stopping pucks, mostly with his stick because that’s how goalies did it back then, and he did it better than everyone else,

And making babies – he had twenty-two kids for goodness sakes. Wait a minute, no he didn’t. It was a rumour started by Leo Dandurand. He only had two.

So there goes my punchline where I say “Absolutely, Georges was good with his stick and he was also good with his stick.”

8 thoughts on “Georges Vezina Could Really……..”

  1. Really Dennis, now your spreading fake trivia. 🙂 But it’s great that his second child was born on the night we won our first Cup. Maybe he should’ve had 22 kids so we could have more Cups.

  2. But Habby, he did have 22 kids, didn’t he. Maybe it’s urban legend but I have several books that say he did.

  3. I can only hope they were not like “GASTON!” Can you even amagine 22 little bastards like Gaston running amok some where—–well maybe Powell River!!!
    Les Canadiens Sont La!!!!

  4. Thanks, Habby. I guess it was a rumour started by Leo Dandurand. I think I’d better edit my story a little. Now I feel bad.

  5. It’s Leo Dandurand’s fault, Danno. He created an urban myth that has fooled people for years, including me. I had just finished reading Stan Fischer’s book “The FlyingFrenchmen” where he talks about22 kids and I had seen this figure many times over the years. It took Habby to point it out and correct me.

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