Georges Laraque Talks About Mike Cammalleri

Geoff F. has sent along a most intriguing clip of Georges Laraque giving us some insight into Mike Cammalleri on a Quebec TV show, TVA Sports, and for those of us who struggle with the language, Geoff has been kind enough to give us an outline of what Laraque says.

I don’t know if Georges is exaggerating or whether he’s on the level, but regardless. it’s very interesting stuff. And I don’t suppose he and Mike will be getting together anytime soon.

Here’s what Mr. Laraque said:

– Mike C went in to JM’s office and asked for a letter on his jersey – One game when the Habs were playing poorly JM came in the room and started to yell at guys and said, “Hey Mike, instead of coming into my office and asking for a letter on your sweater, start playing like you deserve one.”  All the guys in the room started shooting incredulous glances at each other that he had went in and asked for a letter.

– at Christmas they had a gift exchange at a steakhouse and Lapierre had picked Mike C’s name as his gift recipient and put a “C” as the gift for Mike C. -Mike was offended by the joke and decided to leave -All the guys were a little uncomfortable with it but thought it was funny.

-When they were picking the captains nobody picked Mike C and he didn’t like that.  Apparently a lot of the guys thought he was a little too conceited and since then it appears was when Mike C’s performance dipped.

-Many feel that he was like a politician, the way he went shaking hands with all the legends at the Centennial.  Everyone felt it was like Mike C. throwing in his candidacy for the “C”.

The video clip of this can seen here – Laraque on TVA Sports

5 thoughts on “Georges Laraque Talks About Mike Cammalleri”

  1. Hey Dennis, Well ,if this is true all I can say is,#1, this is no way to be a team person and this makes him undeserving of any letter on his shirt.#2,JM shouldnt be bringing this up in front of everyone,this is supposed to be between a coach and a player,unless I’m missing something here ,I think JM screwed up as well.#3,Georges Laraque is still bitter about the Habs letting his contract slide, like a wet turd in a glass pipe.He will do his best at undermining anything to do with the Habs.I am sure if the infighting were to stop and ,maybe with Randy Cunneyworth they will,the team will play like a team.I see the Habs game plan as not being in sync with each other,sad as they have the talent to be playing better then this.

  2. I can’t get over what a jerk Cammalleri turned out to be. That’s really sad. I bet there are a lot of kids out there who thought of him as their hero and all he could think of was the “C” and himself. Get over yourself Mike.

  3. Darth, I guess he also scored a power play goal with Calgary last night. Couldn’t hit the St. Lawrence from a bridge here, but he manages there.

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