George’s Interview With Gary Bettman – ZZZZZZZZZ

I watched Gary Bettman interviewed on The Hour tonight and not one question posed by George Stromboloupolopsoulopsoulospopopolousopos was hard hitting, and not one answer by Mr. Bettman taught me anything new.

Expansion – not now, we’ll look at it, we’ll see, if needed.

Shape of league – doing great, fine, no problems we can’t handle, better than ever, wow.

Jim Balsillie (rich dude who wants to buy a team) – must be nicer to Gary and friends if he wants a team.

Gary’s father was in the edible nuts business.

Gary liked hockey a little bit when he was young.

3 thoughts on “George’s Interview With Gary Bettman – ZZZZZZZZZ”

  1. A friend of mine produces the Hour, so I avoid talking about that show to her at all. And why? Because George S is one of the worst interviewers in the world. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and all (hey, he roots for the Habs), but he just can’t ask questions that need to be asked.
    Give him someone who likes to talk and needs no initiative to do so, it’s great. Give him someone who needs a push, it’s 10 minutes of uncomfortable humming and hawing. A great example of this was one show with Kylie Minogue (hubba hubba, but boring) and Ricky Gervais (who pretty much carried the episode on his back).
    I can just imaging the stultifying boredom of having the Count on.

  2. It was only what I’d heard a hundred times before. Nothing new. I understand what George is trying to do. He’s trying to be young and hip. But you’re right, Michel. He’s a terrible interviewer.

  3. I never watch it, but I’m glad you’re calling out poor interviews. I’m consistently appalled by journalists not asking hard-hitting questions. It was one of the main reasons for the excesses of the Bush regime recently, and much as I like Obama, I hope he’ll be held up to a more critical standard.

    To be fair to George, I believe his show aims to entertain, not provide critical insight.

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