Georges Has To Admit It – He Hurt His Team Tonight

It took Montreal more than two periods to get it even a little bit together against Detroit, mainly because most of the time, especially in the first period, the only Habs players who saw the ice were the penalty killers.

All thanks to Georges Laraque for taking a high-sticking call and then a dangerous tripping/kneeing call to earn him six minutes in the penalty box which begat penaties to Paul Mara, Travis Moen and Ryan O’Byrne shortly after which begat two goals by Detroit, and the Habs fell into a big, black hole that took them forever to crawl out of.

I hold George directly responsible, (and I’d hope he’d agree) for the Habs going down 2-0 after one. And a knee-on-knee that could end another player’s career, which Georges is guilty of, is unacceptable also.

And why did Laraque stick his knee out? Because he spends most of his time standing still and was caught flat-footed. Big Georges is not exactly what you would call a “free-wheeler.” It must make good players in university and the minors wonder why Georges is there making the big bucks and they’re not.

The third period, however, almost made things worthwhile, with Mike Cammalleri, with help from Andrei Kostityn, at least making a game of it by tieing the score at two. The Canadiens had their chances and could have won it, but it was too little too late. They were also outshot by the Wings 34-18 and Carey Price was, for the most part, solid once again. 

It’s just too bad Georges was dressed on this night. The result could’ve been different. They were going good in the beginning.

They lost in the shootout but they got a point. And they earned it because they climbed back in it after just one player, their own, had taken them out of it.

Random Notes:

Guy Carbonneau worked with Greg Millen and Bob Cole up in the CBC broadcasting booth. Carbo sounded somewhat nervous and didn’t have anything earth-shattering to say, but this can be expected from a rookie. He also needs to put more excitement in his voice. But maybe the Habs don’t excite him anymore.

Columbus Blue Jackets visit on Tuesday.

21 thoughts on “Georges Has To Admit It – He Hurt His Team Tonight”

  1. Hey Dennis;Yup Laraque really screwed up,put his team down for six minutes,but dont you think that the refs may have gone into that game saying we are going to call everything right off the bat.I couldn.t believe the penalties that were called against the Habs.They did deserve most of them but Detroit got away with a few that was seen on the screen but not by the two refs who were on the ice,they never even saw the puck hit the netting after clearing the glass in montreal’s end,the friggin linesman blew the play down,terrble.The H abs didnt play to badly,they were short handed or the first period mostly,Carey Price made some very nice saves on a lot of shots,mike cammaleri had a very good game as well,Kostysin,Plekanecs,Goerges, Metropolit Hamerlik all had a good game.I dont think that this was a bad game at all.We got a point out of it anyways.
    You know Guy Carboneau wasn’t to talktive tonite,why would they put a rookie color guy with an idiot like greg millen,Bob Cole is the best play by play guy going,I always wondered why they have millen working with him all the time,it was good to see a Hab game on CBC,though the Leafs won tonite so it’s back to toronto games from here on in.

  2. Really unhappy with Laraque. If he doesn’t get suspended for that, I’m hoping Martin just pressboxes him.

    The rest worked hard to get that point though and get back in the game. Good character. And wow is Tommy Pyatt a gem!

  3. Phil, Kostityn has been rising from the dead little by little for about four games now. But he needs to continue that upward path. Habs could have won this game. Georges took them out of it right from the start.

  4. Why’s he there, Derry. I see no useful role for him except for the odd fight. He’s not a top-notch player, that’s for sure. And yeah, the referees were lacking. It’s just too bad about everything. Except they got a point.

  5. Dennis,

    I thought the same thing about Carbonneau, he was like a fish out of water last night. It’s funny because he was always really comfortable in front of the media when he was coach. He’s just biding his time until his phone rings, coaching is where his heart is and if he gets a lower profile team wih less expectations he might do okay.

  6. I missed most of this game except the last half of the 3rd. George Laraque deinied – with a straight face -that he intentionally tripped. But the replay doesn’t lie. Like you said it clearly was the kind of dangerous move that ends careers.
    I thought Laraque was actually contributing the first few games early this season and was actually a positive factor. Then he was off up until last night – supposedly with a back injury?
    Frankly, his stunts last night did not help his cause. But permit me to play devil’s advocate here. One really wonders if all the negative talk against him has more to do with his recent off-ice activities (risque comercial with scantily-clad women) and especially the controversial stand he has taken on his website by declaring himself to be Vegan and supporting animal rights groups such as PETA.
    You cannot judge a guy like Laraque like any other forward. He is a specialty guy you put out to enforce, intimidate and change the tempo of a game. He is not a great skater or scorer. But he has size and muscle.
    Members of the jury, I respectfully ask that you take the above into consideration as you deliberate a fair and just verdict on my client.

  7. I hope they send big george to the pressbox. Why play him against a team like Detroit? H ehas a role against teams like Toronto and Philly, but not Detroit. Stupid move. But we got a point. And I disagree they only played the third period. They played well in the second to keep the score only 2-0. Detroit had the first but Mtl started slowly changing momentum starting in the second. This was a monster weekend and should instill confidence. The next few games will be interesting. If we finish just above .500 and still in contention for a playoff spot by the time Markov get back, we will be in good shape. And if this happens, Gainey better use the trade deadline better than he has in the last few years. He’s batting close to .000 in this area. I for one am feeling good after this weekend.

  8. Carbo needs more practice. You’re right Moey, he was relaxed in fornt of microphones as a coach, but not in this job. I hope he finds another head-coaching job. I liked him.

  9. Danno – Laraque just isn’t my kind of player. He’s one-dimensional. If only he could play a little better to go along with his fighting. In general, I think he’s quite useless. He’s apoor skater, poor with the puck, and is good for about one goal a year. Look at the difference between him a a pure power forward like Cam Neely or Gary Roberts, or now Milan Lucic. They combined real toughness with some talent. I don’t why Gainey went after him but I’m pretty sure all the brass are disappointed in how he’s turned out. I don’t even think he should be in the NHL.

  10. Mayo, I’m with you. Why play him against Detroit? But why play him at all? He’s a lousy hockey and a great fighter. For me, I say big deal. Montreal doesn’t njeed this guy. Most teams don’t need him.

  11. I’m know this sounds a bit like Don Cherry, but Laraque has his role to play as enforcer. His presence makes the opposition take that extra second to ensure the path is safe. Until his back gave out again, I was surprised by how well he was playing. Unfortunately until Montreal gets or develops a real power forward, Laraque’s as close as we get in the hitting department. We can’t expect a Neely, one of the best, just someone who tries to be like him. This is why Latendresse has been such a disappointment, on paper he looks so good. Currently Moen is as close as we get.

    As for the game, one of my favourite plays was when Plekanec out-muscled Bertuzzi for the puck during the second 5 on 3. Now if only Chipchura, Lapierre, Pacioretty and the other big boys would step up their hitting we wouldn’t need Laraque.

  12. That’s right Chris. If these guys played a little harder-nosed, they wouldn’t need a fighter like Georges. And he’s no John Ferguson.

  13. La-wears-a-dress and Lapierre need to stop protecting their faces. They;re probably rich kids who have had it easy and expect it easy. But when they run into kids who know what the f**ck life is about, they get their shit kicked. I hated having these weak f**cks on the habs. And thats exactly what they are; rich weak kids who worry about their pretty faces more than they do about winning. makes me vomit.

  14. You know what’s ironic, Mayo?

    When Lapierre first joined the team, he was ugly as hell.
    I remember his hair was like sheep’s wool.
    And now he’s turned into a pretty boy. Just like Kovalev.
    But at least Kovalev can play.
    I’m expecting a black eye next game!

  15. Great comments Dennis.

    Georges certainly did put the team in a big hole.

    At first I thought that the knee on knee may have been a result of just trying to get his big frame turned around after some hesitation….. but it really looks like his knee just came out.

    I hate seeing injuries like that. Knee on knee and headshots…. 2 things I dislike alot.

    I remember being really happy when the Habs signed Laraque.. because we had been pushed around for a couple of years….

    But it just hasn’t been what I’d hoped.

    Again, this year I’d hoped that it would turn around for him…

    About Tom Pyatt… he looks like a gem out there… I’m also impressed with White.. he’ll throw his body around… both guys used on the penalty kill against Detroit.

    Positive play out of 2 young guys who weren’t even on the map this summer.

  16. Pyatt and White are diamonds in the rough.
    Attaboy Bob Gainey!

    I’m really upset with Laraque. I know for a fact that Habs players are better than that. I think he should be suspended for 7-10 games.
    And I NEVER want a Habs player to be yanked. but Georges really deserves it. It was cheap and definitely not professional.

  17. Phil I sure agree with you about Pyat and Whie but I remember saying something similar about the Kostityn brothers, and Lapierre last year. So I’m reserving judgement. But they look really good with lots of promise.

  18. Before we throw the book at Laraque let’s not forget not too long ago Chicago’s Andrew Ladd nearly took D’Agostini’s head off in an obviously vicious hit. The league let that go with no reprimand of any kind against Ladd.
    Also, Kronwall himself is no angel. I’m not saying what Laraque did was okay, far from it, but Kronwall himself has earned a reputation as being a dirty hitter. This makes it a bit hard to be sympathetic. Some may say he had it coming…
    It will be really interesting to see how will the league decide what to do.
    If the hit on D’Agostini doesn’t even register and marquis players get away with nothing or slaps on the wrist then the league has a credibility crisis.
    Laraque may be tough guy, but up until now he has rarely been accused of dishing out dirty hits.

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