Georges Gets His Pink Slip


I suppose I wondered for the better part of two years why Georges Laraque was a Montreal Canadien. I just never got it. I always figured that surely there must be someone within the organization who could fight reasonably well and put up better numbers than Georges. At least skate and shoot better while doing a little thumping here and there.

I just never knew why he was there. He was a disappointment on a disappointing team.

Did the big fellow help the club? I never saw it. I saw a few staged fights now and then, fights without rage and fury, fighting for the sake of fighting. I saw one goal from the guy on a team that needed help in that department from everyone.

Georges rarely fought, saw limited ice time, contributed almost nothing, never seemed to get upset, when getting angry in my book was the order of the day. Just a few little kisses, a big grin, and a plodding skater.

I’m glad the big guy is gone, and I have nothing against him except for the fact that he didn’t help the team. This, I took personally.

The whole idea of an enforcer is to strike fear into the other team. Georges didn’t do that because he’s basically a big softy at heart. An enforcer should become enraged, clobber the guy who clobbered your teammate. Make them pay for their sins. Make them think twice about pounding Tomas Plekanec and Brian Gionta.

Ane while you’re at it, pop a couple of goals here and there and be a leader in some ways – an important player in an important role.

Georges was too busy eating vegetables, burning incense, being a new-age person in a rough-and-tumble sport. He needed to breathe fire. Instead he tossed roses. A million and a half for that?

He needed to be a modern day John Ferguson. Destroy, grab the odd point, and take no prisoners. Or at least be Georges Laraque in a bad mood.

A bad mood isn’t too much to ask, is it?

And now what? It’s a small team, these Montreal Canadiens. Who’s the guy to fill a very important role ? Is there one?

For sure this is a wake-up call for the others. Do the job you’re expected to do. Unfortunately, Georges didn’t.

8 thoughts on “Georges Gets His Pink Slip”

  1. Not a good time for him, but about time Gainey pulled the plug. He did make an impact every once in a while, but not often enough.

    So now who’s next?

  2. I actually like Georges ,he is very down to earth it seems when being intervewed.I wasnt impressed with his abilities though,sating,scoring or fighting.I think he shouldbe wearing a pink slip by the way he has performd so far with the Habs.

  3. Thanks, Marc. They say he’s going to be fine and I hope it’s true.
    Georges wasn’t at all like I expected when they signed him. I thought he was going to be a serious policeman and it was never the case. I wanted to see him punch out Sean Avery, for example, but he wouldn’t fight smaller guys. He could have been a really valuable player on the team but instead, didn’t help at all. We’re not going to miss him.

  4. Great guy, not a great player
    Think of him more as a polite and posh enforcer.
    If you’re gonna want an enforcer, Donald Brashear or Daniel Carcillo is the one you want to be looking for

  5. Phil, Carillio’s the guy for me. He can play a little and he’s got personality. Saw him on Off The Record and he was interesting.

  6. I saw him on OTR as well, you’re absolutely right, he’s interesting and has an edge to him.
    Plus, he looks like he’s from the 70’s, which is undoubtedly awesome.

  7. He does look 70’s, Phil. Good eye. And he has that edge about him, like he should be in a prison somewhere.

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