George Hainsworth – Great Hab (And Leaf)

George Hainsworth, who replaced an ailing Georges Vezina in the Montreal nets in 1926, carried the torch in fine fashion until 1933. He won the Vezina trophy in 1927, 1928, and 1929, and hoisted the Stanley Cup in 1930 and 1931.

He was also goalie for the Toronto Maple Leafs from 1933 to 1937, after being traded by Montreal for Lorne Chabot, and took the Leafs to the Cup finals in 1935. Eventually he would be replaced in the Leafs net by a young up-and-coming Turk Broda.

George ended his Hall of Fame career (inducted in 1961) by returning to the Habs late in the 1937 season for four games.

This must have been some kind of goalie. In the 1930 playoffs, he went 270 minutes and 8 seconds without allowing a goal. That’s four and a half games.

George Hainsworth was killed in a car crash in Gravenhurst, Ont., on Oct. 9, 1950. I didn’t know it at time. I couldn’t read the newspapers because I was only five days old.

Gravenhurst is 20 miles north of my home town, Orillia.


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  1. That’s an amazing record. As far as I remember I don’t think it’s been matched has it? (The shut-out record). I also think he worked in the era where a goalie had to stand up the whole game (no diving to save the puck) but I’m not sure about that, the rules may have changed when he took over.

    I always wonder what those guys would have made of today’s game. I bet he’d be amazed to see someone like Carey Price and all his gear.

    I’d love to see Carey win three Vezinas in a row and two Cups in a row. Can you imagine?

  2. Also interesting according to Greatest Hockey

    “George Hainsworth played brilliantly for 11 seasons in the National Hockey League. No season was more brilliant than the 1928-29 season.

    Hainsworth allowed only 43 goals in a 44 game schedule and recorded a remarkable total of 22 shutouts. Amazingly, his team only won 22 games that season. That’s right! If Hainsworth did allow a goal, the Montreal Canadiens would not win. They finished with a 22-7-15 record. Hainsworth posted a miniscule 0.92 GAA and captured his third consecutive Vezina Trophy.”

  3. Hey Dennis, Yes he was a phenominal goaltender ,I wonder what his record would be in this era’s N .H.L. I’m sure he would excel all the same though.What is going on with the Habs?They can kill most any penalty,but cant keep the puck away from the net five a side.I think they need to take their defensive play a little more seriously when at even strength,blocking more shots like Gill and Georges would be a bonus.Does your name have to start with a G to keep the puck from reaching the Goal?

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