6 thoughts on “George Gillett Deserves Much Better Than This”

  1. I wouldn’t be too quick to cry for George Gillett. He bought this team to make money and has since become a fan. Unlike the other fans who would also like a high standard and some wins, he makes money every second off this thing.

    As a fan of Liverpool FC, I am not as sweet on Gillett as I used to be. He can be slicker than an eel in the Mersey. He made promises to the fans of Liverpool and he has broken them all.

    Am I to think that Liverpool is unlucky because he loves the Canadiens more? I tend to think his”it’s business, deal with it” approach to Premier League football is not isolated to that venture…

  2. While I agree that this whole year has been pretty sad and quite pathetic at times, I’m not sure that I’m about to go off and cry buckets for Gillett…..I don’t know… It’s really hard to feel bad for a guy who’s making tons of money off of this year regardless of the players performance….If I feel bad for anyone, it’s for the fans who have been shelling out all this money….

    Eh, interesting story nonetheless though.

  3. A typical article by an `over-paid’ underperforming’ Gazette hack: sloppy thinking = garbage article. What do they call this stuff? Filler? Whatever, it’s fueled by the same smarmy arrogance that underlies the imposition of the shootout as `the most exciting play in hockey’. Yeah, saying is believing, eh? Say anything at all, call it news and us fans, hey, we’re so gullible we’ll swallow any old bs the smug media goons choose to dish out.

    That anyone (not belonging to the uber-rich elite – for whom sports franchises rate up there along with mega-yachts, trophy wives, & etc as their toys and chips in the one-upmanship games they play between themselves – and their posses of fawning sycophants) could even think that GG is a variation of the poor-little-rich-boy suffering so cruelly and undeservedly from the callous indifference of his hockey team to his plight as a caring generous patient kind forebearing owner let alone put pen to paper and try to make a case that this is indeed the case gives meaning to the word `lackey’.

    But now that I’ve been enlightened, I can see clearly how my previous blinkered outlook (cf the paragraph above) has blinded me to the suffering of poor GG – the cross he is shouldering is pretty darn big (3 outta 13) and failure to make the playoffs can only mean his crucifixion thereon. So, how can we stand by and let this happen? We must sympathize/empathize/realize what a scandal this is. It’s as shocking as if your pet poodle/rotweiler/chiahuahua suddenly and for no reason whatsoever just leapt up and bit you on your oh-so-luving oh-so-vulnerable ass. The ungrateful cur!

    Alas, the vast majority of us can’t afford a well-trained minion to whip the uppity pooch back into shape and teach it proper respect for its benefactor so we must humbly endure the outrageous pounding of unfeeling pucks shot from the gilded sticks of underachieving hockey pets …. as well, the periodic showers of bs unleashed by their media counterparts.

  4. dennis man, turn off the leafs-nucks game and give us your take on the second coming against the sens.

  5. Yeah, sorry. I was at work and had to record it and I just finished watching it now. We gotta keep it up and shake those other teams off our ass.

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