Gee, Is That All It Costs? And Free Shipping Too?

Some guy in Quebec has a signed photo of Rocket Richard listed on eBay and he only wants a measly $15,000 US (or $15,868.50 Canadian) for it. I think you should grab it before somebody else does. And hey, it’s free shipping!

Greed and stupidity lives in the hearts of some men. The thing’s worth about a hundred bucks or less.

This is a guy looking for some sucker with money to burn who doesn’t know any better. And who knows, maybe there’s someone out there. And if there is, I’ve got some planks from Noah’s Ark that you can have for, say, ten million. With free shipping of course.


Price: US $15,000.00

Approximately C $15,868.50
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18 thoughts on “Gee, Is That All It Costs? And Free Shipping Too?”

  1. It’s not even rare, Kevin. He used to ref oldtimers games and that’s what he would bring with him and sign. I’ve got one of these.

  2. Dennis did you mention to Gillett you had one of these cards. He might have traded the team for it.

  3. There’s also free shipping? What a steal!
    Oh, I’m sorry for that untimely cough
    It really is a steal!
    *cough cough*
    Wow, I coughed again, I must be catching a disease.

    Most likely rip-offinitis.

  4. Ah man Dennis you prompted another “my wife” story.

    It took a while to get my wife to become a Hockey fan it’s not a big sport in sunny Australia, but over time she has become a die hard. So for my birthday she got me an authentic signed original picture of Ken Dryden supposedly signed while he was playing.

    Well I opened it said thank you very much went to my computer printed off the same picture with the signature. I showed her what I did, reversed the photo where she saw they were both printed on HP high quality photo paper. LOL well she hasn’t been on E-Bay since!

  5. Hey Dennis;Thats how professional athletes get exploited.It’s to bad but some people figure that they can make a buck anyway they like,which is wrong.A guy should bid two bucks and see what happens

  6. Derry, when I saw this it made me angry. It’s not the first time I’ve seen something on eBay completely out of whack. I really hate this because they’re trying to take advantage of someone who doesn’t know any better. To me it’s quite illegal.

  7. Thanks Ryan. At least she meant well. Buying signed stuff is risky business. Even when you get something through a reputable auction house it can still be fake because they’ve been fooled too. There are professional forgers out there who make a living selling fake autographs.

  8. Phil, you have to do something about that cough. How about I make you feel better by giving you a signed photo of, ah, Howie Morenz.

  9. Phil, Just take a Ricalo & listen to that Gawd awful tune that comes on every year about this time ! That should clear up your cough while screeming at the TV shut-up just shut the F–k up !
    Cheers from the East & All The Very Best to all DK’s readers !!!
    Les Canadiens Sont La !!!!

  10. Hey Mike, all the best to you and Diana. What do I do when I have to work afternoons and both the Habs and World Juniors are on and I can only tape one? Anyway, hope Christmas is great.

  11. I have a picture almost identical to that one and its also autographed, perhaps i should put it on ebay for $12,000 and give somebody a deal. Seeing stuff like that pisses me off, $15,000 could buy you a game used rocket richard jersey and game used stick. I dont know how ebay allows some of those assholes to use there website.

  12. Anyone willing to spend $15K on eBay is just begging to be cheated. But buying a autographed photograph for say $50 is in the danger zone. It could be legit or a knock-off, along with any letter of authenticity.

    Dennis isn’t the solution to your problem evident, you’ll have to watch a game at work. If the boss expects you to work, they must expect a game to be on, either TV or streamed via Internet.

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