Gauthier Moves To Windy City

Pierre Gauthier has been hired by the Chicago Blackhawks as director of player personnel, and all I can say mostly say about this is simply repeat what someone commented on the CBC story pertaining to the news. He or she wrote that “I’m not a Chicago fan, but they don’t deserve THIS.”

It’s not a big deal for Chicago to have a silent, grouchy, bland type in their organization. Bob Pulford, who was a coach and executive with the team for 30 years, was very much that. Chicago fans are used to it.

Now they have party animal Pierre, who is not only a wild and crazy guy, but who also possesses a fine eye for talent. Like Tomas Kaberle and Rene Bourque, two superstar impact players he brought to Montreal to fix things, and who basically got them for a song. (Bourque – $3 million plus,  Kaberle – $4 million plus. Per season).

Sorry, Hawks fans.


21 thoughts on “Gauthier Moves To Windy City”

  1. Essentially we traded Gauthier for Bergevin. Well, at least one good thing is that a lot of people are saying we finally won a trade for once.

    I feel bad for Chicago. That is not improving your club. If he becomes GM there someday…ouch.

    I wouldn’t wish him on Boston OR the Leafs!

  2. Wow! What a way to ruin a franchise! Kaberle,Bourque,Markov … Do I need to say anymore names. This guy is an a..hole and he will probably live in Canada this time since when he worked(decimated) for the habs he lived in the states. I wouldn’t wish him on anyone.

  3. So now Mr. Goat and Mr. Gainey have landed cushy desk jobs. I don’t get it. I must be missing something.

  4. I think other franchises take into account that anyone who either plays, coaches or administers in Habland is gonna be scrutinized his every move 24/7. I suppose one can always play that card when sending his résumé to the rest of the teams. Just wait till they find out why we had it in for this dynamic duo tho…

  5. Good points, Marjo. If anyone does a good job in Montreal and is highly successful, his ticket is written pretty well anywhere else. The problem is, lately there hasn’t been much success. But I have faith in Bergevin, although he’d better not let us down. He’d get major brownie points with all of us if he does something about Gomez.

  6. Hobo, imagine. You can do a lousy job and then find a good one elsewhere. Something’s wrong.

  7. Chris, Scotty might have been good, it’s hard to say. I remember Beliveau voting to have him not hired as GM way back when. He was too quick to try to get guys out of there after the odd bad game and such. Trigger happy. But having said that, it seems Bowman mellowed greatly over the years and might have been a fantastic addition to the Habs front office.

  8. dra, if we could get a full season out of Markov, he’d be a serious star. He’s smart with those short passes on the tape, and he’s been a big help to Emelin. But I know what you’re saying. It’s rolling the dice. The other two…..forget it.

  9. Darth, I’m just surprise he’s been hired anywhere. Although Brian Burke said recently that Gauthier is a great guy and a great hocky man. Maybe that says something about Burke.

  10. Hobo and Dennis, Gauthier and Gainey were executives for which the normal rules of employment don’t apply.

    When a normal employee is fired for making a small mistake (or not getting along with the idiot bosses), it’s get out now before we call security and don’t expect any severance or references.  He’ll be the internal scapegoat for any problems discovered within the company over the next few years. And when necessary laying off a few employees making $30-40K can be the deciding factor in whether a multi-billion dollar company remains profitable.

    When an executive is let go for incompetence, it’s because the company or team wants to go in a new direction (not into bankruptcy or not last in conference).  He’ll be given several million as severance and glowing references.  None of company’s problems were a result of his mismanagement, they were all unavoidable.  No one could have foreseen small players getting injured or that Gomez and Kaberle would suck or that McDonagh would become a top defenceman.  Executives are also very forgiving of each other, as they expect to be treated the same when its their turn to account.

    Finally it’s employee and player salaries that need to be held down.  No one is calling for a salary cap on the management teams or limiting their bonuses.

  11. If I recall a story from Goats Ottawa days he reportedly stopped a press conference when he realized the reporters covering the conference had eaten more than their allotted 1 cookie per person. He is totally commandeering and must have absolute control. A freak if you will about power and control. Kind of like the old Wertz regime in Chicago years ago. Maybe he will bring back a repeat of that 40 year era.

  12. dra, that’s wild. One cookie per person. As crazy as it sounds, I don’t doubt it. He’s a very strange character. Burke likes him though.

  13. Christopher, it’s something I don’t quite understand and maybe you can explain it to me. Diaz has played just one season (900k) and now he files for arbitration. Does this mean he feels he deserves a big raise? Wouldn’t this piss off management that he can’t agree to a contract and it goes to arbitration? Shouldn’t he wait a few years before he goes to arbitration? Isn’t he taking a big risk here? And isn’t 900k a great salary for an unproven first-year guy?

  14. Maybe Habs offered Diaz a big reducation in salary & the only way to stay close to the 900k is for Diaz to file for arbitration ?

  15. That could very well be it, Martin. Although usually I don’t think they go backwards but maybe here they have. There’s a lot of technicalities I don’t understand. I just think it’s unusual for a guy with only one year under his belt to file for arbitration.

  16. Dennis, I don’t think arbitration significantly upsets the team, to them it’s only about money. It’s the player who may be negatively impacted. If Diaz makes it that far, he’ll hear how he’s overrated which may ruin his confidence and career with the team.

    Like any one, Diaz wants to be paid as much as possible or at least what he’s worth compared to others. He probably compares himself to Emelin who’s the same age and who also just completed his rookie season. Emelin went from a very similar salary to a one-way two year deal for $2M per. Diaz should get something similar. He was invited to the all-star game, had over twice as many points despite appearing in less games. Unlike Emelin who was frequently a healthy scratch, Diaz missed his games because he was injured.

    It’s appropriate that the negotiation details remain private but I wish I knew what the current offers are. As a starting point, his qualifying offer would have been for $850.5K but only as a two-way contract. If he had played just one more game, it would have been a guaranteed one-way contract. I would expect any two-way contract to be a major stumbling block. Montreal may be trying to make a space on the roster at his expense. And back to your original post, it’s not his fault the team is wasting money and space on Gomez, Bourque and Kaberle.

  17. Well we don’t have to worry about arbitration any more. Diaz has signed a one way contract for $1.25M for each of the next 2 years. And in a bit older news Palushaj has signed a one year, $600K two way contract. That leaves only Subban and maybe Geoffrion as RFAs to re-sign, not counting a bunch of easily replaceable minor league UFAs.

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