Gauthier Gonzo

Our wild and crazy Montreal Canadiens have an opening for a new general manager after Pierre Gauthier has been sacked, and rightly so. Gauthier can now slither back to his pad in Vermont and do whatever he does. I dunno, what do ghosts do anyway?

Finally an excorcism from this season from hell. The first big step on the road to recovery. So long to the guy who brought us Tomas Kaberle, who fired assistant coach Perry Pearn on game day, who traded Mike Cammalleri midway through a game and gave us the ghastly Rene Bourque, and who hired a non-French-speaking Randy Cunneyworth, a virgin big league coach, to replace the fired Jacques Martin.

Gone is the man without personality, the man who led our team to the basement, and who gave us embarrassment beyond words. How could you do that to us, Mr. Gauthier? Your name will forever be associated with failure. Such a legacy.

Now who will replace him? Will it be Patrick Roy?

We’ll know soon enough. And next on the list? What to do with Scott Gomez.



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  1. Shouldn’t Gauthier have been let go on a game day?

    As for Gomez: It may not be possible to buy out Gomez this summer, according to HabsWorld.

    “Gomez is currently on the injured reserve list with a concussion … The fact is that concussions are difficult to recover from quickly, and have a very open ended timetable when it comes to a return date … Why this is pertinent is due to the possibility that Gomez may not recover before the end of this season, which has only 6 games remaining at this time. If he does not, then due to a clause in the current CBA, any injured player cannot be bought out from their contract. The Habs would be stuck with him, and vice versa. ”

  2. Why not go to Nashville and steal their GM? Maybe he’d swap team for team (save two brothers)!

  3. Gomez will be a tricky issue but he will be gone eventually. Most seem to believe there is no way he’ll be in a Habs uniform next season and I tend to agree. We can’t buy him out but I believe we can ship his sorry butt down to Hamilton.

    I hope our new GM is McGuire. I want that guy so bad. He’d bring a lot of hockey smarts to the table and I don’t think he’d be afraid to make the hard choices.

    Thank god Gauthier’s not around for the draft or free agency day. God only knows what he would have done.

  4. Tom, thanks for that. My goodness. This is important but depressing news about Gomez. Can he simply be sent down to Hamilton and bought out at a later date?

  5. @Darth: If McGuire becomes the new GM, I’ll be looking for an open window in 1000 de la gauchetiere. Can’t stand the guy. There’s a reason he’s never been a GM. The habs need a low risk GM with experience (sorry Roy), somebody who has proven themselves before. Too bad this guy doesn’t exist.

    Dennis I nominate you. I can be your translator.

    And that’s terrible news about Gomez.

  6. PG & BG out! Christmas in March! Well let’s se what Molson does now with Serge at his side advising him. Everyone seems to want Roy to coach but not me. Maybe if we get a strong GM he can reign in Roy and also add a Robinson or Gill as defense coach and some stability. I still want Captain Kirk back as coach. Swap Cunney & Gomer and cash to make it happen please. And bring back Julien Brisbois as cap consultant asstGM type of guy. We can all speculate but until they announce who they are probably talking to already its just fodder for bloggers. Hopefully the business side of Molson comes out and he hires the best person with a real plan for the job. GO HABS GO! DRIVE FOR 25!

  7. gillis – I think McGuire is exactly what we need. He’s someone we need to take a chance on. I would rather have him as a GM than Roy any day. This team needs a shake-up badly and he may be exactly what we need. He also has a deep passion for the team (it wouldn’t be “just a job” to him).

    We need to enter the 21st Century and I think McGuire can do it.

    They also won’t hire Dennis so Pierre’s the next best choice.

  8. Molson just said on am Radio CJAD 800 that having a French speaking coach or French speaking players is not as important as having a winning team. He also didn’t discount Roy as coach.

  9. I’m just saying that Pierre would start in Montreal with little respect from many fans. Personally, I don’t like him because of Price draft, and generally his on-air personality. And I know it wouldn’t be just a job for him, but is it because he cares about the habs, or about himself?

  10. I remember the Price draft as well – but I’m still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I’ve heard him a lot on local radio and he does have a hell of a hockey mind. I also think he’d be great because he would actually talk to the media and the fans and stop this secretive stuff we always have had to put up with.

    He may be a bit of a arrogant guy but was Gauthier any less of one himself? I’d rather have an arrogant guy who knows hockey than some nice guy who doesn’t know what the heck he’s doing (or another arrogant guy who runs the team like a dictatorship).

    I’m just glad Gauthier and Gainey are gone. I was worried they’d still be around next season. I’m pretty sure Bourque and Kaberle were the final straws.

  11. Thank you Danno.

    My first order of business: Bourque gets benched, Eller goes back to Centre where he belongs and Leblanc and Geoffrion get increased playing time (and actual playing time in Geoffrion’s case).

    Second order of business: They bring the puck in themselves – no more dump and chase!

  12. Not sure if he’s available. But he is working in Chicago, and he was offered the title of president of the Leafs, but turned it down. Sounds like he wanted that last job, but he didn’t like Peddle, or something like that.

    I think it would fit the circle of life perfectly if Bowman came back and led them to one more cup.

  13. Tom, I would so love to see Scotty back, and thanks for bringing this up because I had no idea there was even a 1% chance of this happening. Wouldn’t it be something. My pulse is dong a Gene Krupa just thinking about it.

  14. Darth, would you mind if I stood behind the bench as stick boy. I’d try not to bother you, although you might hear some ideas from me from time to time. And why don’t we drink beer when we’re behind the bench?

  15. Dennis, I’d want you at my back the whole time. Consider it done. Love the beer idea. You can also check out all the hot girls and point them out to me during breaks on the ice. 🙂

  16. Darth, the beer behind the bench idea is probably my best idea ever except for the coloured salt idea I’ve been sitting on for decades. And one last thing. Fedoras must be worn by coaches, trainers, and stick boy.

  17. Having Bowman as GM is a nice thought, but he’s pushing 80 so I can’t imagine he’d want the stress, especially in Montreal. He deserves to enjoy his retirement. I think the only reason he remains a Hawk advisor is to be able to call up his son and talk.
    Instead how about Pollack? He won’t need any salary, so I’ll take it and act as his medium. A GM with 12 Stanley Cups must be worth about $5M/year.

  18. My picks would be:

    GM Trevor Timmins
    Coach Jacques Martin

    But I think gillis may be right with Giguere as GM. This might place Roy as Coach because of the Colorado connection. I really would not like to see Roy as coach.

    Going back to my picks, I don’t believe Martin was ever at fault and with Trevor at the helm I think you would see much better results, with his backround he knows all the up and commers as well as everyone else in the league, he would not bring guys up to early and he could build a team(which really isn’t missing much).

  19. Martin never did a goood job as GM in Florida, and I don’t think fans would like to see him back in any capacity.

    As for Timmins, I don’t think he has a good track record, especially with first round picks.

    2003: Took Andrei Kostitsyn 10th overall. Could have had Jeff Carter (11th). Zach Parise went 17th. Sports Illustrated had the Habs taking Parise in a mock draft.

    2004: Took Kyle Chipchura 18th overall. Could have had Travis Zajac (20th).

    2005: Took Carey Price #5 overall (best choice available)

    2006: Took David Fischer #20 overall. Could have had Claude Giroux (22nd).

    2007: Took Ryan McDonagh #12 overall. Could have had Kevin Shattenkirk (14th).

    It’s not like we’re stretching to find the next superstar drafted in the list above. It was generally one or two picks later.

  20. As for Martin I wouldn’t put him in as a GM and as a fan I would want him to coach.

    As for Timmins, he gives his info to the GM who needs to decide what they need and where. There are too many variables to place those picks all on Timmins.

    1st round picks are tough I’ll give you that and with hindsight being 20/20 yes not the best picks, although I did follow AK,Chip and McDonagh whom I thought were going to do well. Timmins is known for finding diamonds in the rough.

    In 03′ Lapierre Halak
    In 04′ we also drafted Yemelin,Grabovski,Streit
    IN 05′ Latendresse,D’Agostini.. not too bad I think latendresse had 80+ with Drummondville before coming up.
    In 06′ White,Maxwell…I was disapointed with Maxwell he did well until hitting the NHL
    In 07′ we got P.K in the 2nd round

    Now we have the young guys in the system. I hope the Habs do as Detroit does and develops our young guys a little more.

    It should be noted that since Timmins has been with the Habs, he’s drafted more players playing in the NHL than any other team. So to say that he has a poor track record would be somewhat unfair. Although I would really like to have Giroux!

  21. Thanks for this, Ryan. Interesting. Giroux got away but good players get away from every team. Draft picks can be such a crap shoot. Look at Pouliot, who went 4th I think, and he’s not nearly a high pick type of talent. Others can go 150th and become stars. I want to see them develop young guys too but I also want them to hurry up. We’ve waited too long. But then again, Toronto, Buffalo, and Vancouver have waited a lot longer. The biggest thing now is that they’ve started to do something about the mess by getting rid of Gauthier and Gainey. I’m sad about Gainey if only because he gave us so much as a player. But as an executivem a different story. I’ll still be a fan of his, but only as number 23. With Timmins, rarely have I seen him interviewed. I know very little about this guy.

  22. Tom, I don’t want to see Martin back. It’s time to erase this year from our minds and begin fresh. Im so glad Gauthier has been dealt with. But after you told us about the Gomez problem, I’m a little worried he’ll be wearing the jersey next fall. Say it ain’t so, Joe.

  23. Chris, you’re right. I never considered Bowman’s age. In my brain cell world, he’s still the guy from the seventies.

  24. Dennis the guy from the nineties did damn well too, too bad it wasn’t with us. And that team hasn’t missed the playoffs since and is always one of the top contenders for the Cup. I remember when that used to be our team.

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