Gaston On The Road Again

I’m in Salem, Oregon, and will be in San Francisco late today. I just put my back out lifting up my suitcase, but more importantly, we were at a sports bar last night and there was no hockey and no hockey talk, which was to be expected, I guess. Just a lot of basketball and baseball on the screens. However, four pints of beer and a coke came to nine bucks. And as we’re eating breakfast at the hotel, a guy walked in wearing a Habs shirt and hat, and of course, I struck up a conversation. He’s a die-hard, lifelong Canadiens fan, and he expects a big win tonight. It’s always great to meet Habs fans in far-away places.

I’ll be stopping somewhere to see the Habs at game time. Go Habs. Mount the comeback!

Gaston’s on the road also, and here he poses in his suitcase. This is where the sleazemeister keeps all his booze, dope, and girlie magazines.


4 thoughts on “Gaston On The Road Again”

  1. Not sure if you heard this, but Jacques Demers is reporting Schneider and Tanguay didn’t dress for game 3 because they are free agents and don’t want to be injured before the summer hits.

  2. Dennis- here’s to your game tonight being as awesome as was ours last night………..

  3. Tom, I don’t know what to think about the Demers thing. Sounds like more rumour-mongering to me. But imagine if it was true?

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