Gaston Gets Out Of Line In Part 3 Of The Powell River Tour

 It started out just fine. Gaston and I went to a local pub to discuss the draft, and about the possibility of Gainey signing Mats Sundin. We both know there’s a cap problem involved, and the Habs still have to sign Andrei Kostitsyn, and also have to make a final decision about players like Mark Streit, Mathieu Dandenault, Patrice Brisebois, and even underachiever Michael Ryder.

So we ordered beer and natchos, as you can see in the photo, and we both were having a lovely time. Gaston feels Alex Tanguay, with his experience, will be a big help to the team, and we agreed that Bob Gainey is on the right track with a fine and exciting team combined of young stars like the Kostitsyn brothers and Chris Higgins, grit with Tom Kostopoulos, Steve Begin, and Mike Komisarek, and a handful of veterans like Koivu, Kovalev, Tanguay, and maybe even Mats Sundin.

 All was well until I went to the bathroom. Because when I came back, only minutes later, Gaston had completely made a pig of himself by eating the whole plate of natchos, and chug-a-lugging his pint of beer.

And not only that, he was passed out on the table, the waitress was upset, and so was I.


Here’s what I mean. Is the guy an asshole or what?

4 thoughts on “Gaston Gets Out Of Line In Part 3 Of The Powell River Tour”

  1. DK;Gastons a fruad,no one wearing the colours of Les Canadien would pass after a pint–maybe a 24!! I tell you it must be that Canuck fan Lawerance !
    PS; King of Crib DK’S parents were told never to bring Dennis to the petting zoo ever again!!!
    Cheers from the East !!

  2. DK,

    I agree with Mike. I think you’re being a bit harsh on Gaston. Looks to me like he was `mickey finned’ maybe Lawrence did sneak in and spike his beer or … hmmm, the waitress? If wings had been on the plate, there is no doubt that she was la P in disguise on a dastardly secret mission to sabotage the morale of Hab Nation. Then, maybe it was personal? Was she dumped by one of us? By a French one? (Does Gaston know that `Hell hath no fury as that of a woman scorned?’) I mean, nachos instead of poutine for a `Gaston’ is so, well, American sports fan style. Then again, maybe she used that date-rape drug on Gaston? She thought that you had left and was scheming to jump his bones? U arrived and spoiled her little party so u were mad at G’s apparent lack of decorum and she was mad for a less noble? reason. In any case, I hope Gaston `va beaucoup mieux’. And DK I suggest that in the future you be somewhat more responsible about protecting your little buddy/protege. I mean, clearly he must be a blockhead not to know about the Powell River Bitter Vengeful Potentially Homicidal Waitress Syndrome.

    So, la P I see your dopey team trying to drum up support by making a cheap appeal to patriotism. Yeah, what do they do? Draft Tylers two! What a crass play on Tippecanoe & Tyler too! Yeah, the tune that kick-started the current hi-energy pop-fluff jingle-jangle popularity contest that today rules Presidential elections and, sigh, increasingly ours. Course, it was the reason why Harrison got elected – even back then they uderstood that music can make swallowing anything seem good whether it’s spiking Gaston’s beer &/or nachos or butchering a brilliant human being such as Tecumseh.

  3. La Punkette;Why is it when I visit Your town I enjoy Petes on Pine St. the home of WINGS the Anchor Bar & then proceed to the Layfeete Hotel for great blues–zideco sounds but no one ever sits down ?? You can tell Canadians because we always choose the booths!
    At times I can’t believe we only live 1/4 of a mile from one another it’s like a differant world,in your country if we ask for a ceaser they look at us like we’re from outer space but if I ask for chipped beef on our side it’s the same blank look–weird. I would also like to know why you can buy our beer cheaper than us & it’s brewed in Canada,it’s just not right!!
    Cheers; MW

  4. Hopefully, Gaston didn’t harass the waitresses. I can only imagine someone sitting at a table with a little Gaston taking pictures, drinking beer, and eating nachos. Of course, you shouldn’t question the motives of a paying customer.

    Honestly, Devil Hab, Tyler 1 is 6’7. He’s a giant. He’s great.

    Cheap beer is like… our signature style Mike! I find it weird that other people make ceaser salad with oil dressing. THAT’S not right. And about not sitting down, we just like to dance I guess.

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