15 thoughts on “Gaston Gets Busy Before Game Seven…………Sorry.”

  1. Is that anger, shame or a smirk on Gaston’s face? I can’t tell, but I do know she looks happy.

  2. Hey Dennis. Gaston doesn’t need Viagra. He’s always got a woody! :o)
    Hope his afternoon delight brings the Habs good luck tonight!

  3. Dennis, you didn’t tell me this was an adults-only website.

    Gaston and his lady friend are just “relaxing” before the game.
    Less stress = better hockey.

  4. Danno, any more of this behaviour from the squirt and he’s going in the fireplace.

  5. Dennis don’t threaten him, send him to me in Boston and we can go to all the games together. He is way better than some of the local thugs who somehow cheer for the wrong team 🙂 Go Habs!

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