Gaston Draws The Winner!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. These pictures are worth 21 prizes.

Thanks to everyone who told me about Orillia and Powell River, the winner has been drawn, and a big congratulations goes out to…….

Blue Bayou in London, England!

Just send me an address Blue Bayou, and I’ll ship these great prizes to you pronto! Good for you. I know you’re going to like this stuff.

15 thoughts on “Gaston Draws The Winner!”

  1. Congrats to Blue Bayou! You are in for a real treat as well I should know. Dennis, very great of you to run these contests for us poor besotted Habs fans.

    Gotta say, that top pic is not the best angle of Gaston I’ve ever seen…

  2. Blue Bayou’s address is as follows:

    RR2 C-57 Homalco Road
    Powell River, BC
    V8A 4Z3.

    Hope this helps đŸ™‚ I understand he Blue Bayou has re-located to the PR area recently.

  3. Danno, Blue Bayou’s going to like this stuff. I’m sure of it. And I’m not telling Gaston what you said about him and the disinfecting the hat. I’m afraid of what he’ll do.

  4. Good for you Blue Bayou congratulations! DK when looking at the first photo I can’t understand why you did’nt put the boot to Gaston while you had the chance of a lifetime.
    Les Canadiens Sont La!!!!

  5. Hey Dennis, Congrats go out to Blue Bayou,I’m sure Linda Ronstad would be proud of you.Thanks Dennis for giving up some of your loot,I know one day I will be giving up some of mine to my daughter,who is the only Hab fan besides me in the family.Does Gaston have any jeans that would make his ass look less square?

  6. Dennis and Co,

    I am overwhelmed with joy.

    When I treated Gaston to a couple of evenings of cocaine and whores I suspected he’d double cross me but fair play to the fella he came through.

    I’m sure there are many who are deserving than me but many thanks to you Dennis for your generosity and to everyone else for the kind words.

    As I’m in the UK you’ll have to mark the package to be of no value for customs purposes, whereas given the contemts it is priceless.

  7. Be careful Dennis and Blue, Gaston may be planning an escape to Europe. He’s figured out how to crawl into a hat, an airmail parcel may be next.

    Look at that beautiful green yard. Not a hint of snow. I suspect the temperature is in the positive degrees too.

  8. Christopher, it rarely goes below zero here. That’s one of many palm trees in my yard over on the right side of the picture. Palm trees in Canada. Who wadda thunk. And that’s the ocean just off in the near distance.

  9. Dennis, you run the best contests! Congratuluations to Blue Bayou. Sorry for the delayed email, I’ve been shoveling lots of snow these days and warming it up again for another 18 inches today into tomorrow.

    Palm trees! You know how to live!

  10. DK, I noticed the Palm Tree but the lower leaves are turning yellow. My master plan is working!!
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  11. Mike, I’m trying to think of a comeback (Mike says he’s going to pee on my palm trees) but nothing’s coming up right now.

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