Gaston Doesn’t Know Jack Schitt

This young fellow in the Habs uniform is Jack Schitt, the newest member of the Kane household. He’s from the 1950’s or 60’s or maybe even before, looks like he’s handmade, and right now he’s still trying to get comfortable.

What I’m concerned about is, Gaston doesn’t know Jack Schitt, doesn’t want to know Jack Schitt, and couldn’t care less about Jack Schitt.

I’m worried things could get ugly.

3 thoughts on “Gaston Doesn’t Know Jack Schitt”

  1. Good to meet you Jack. I think you’ll really like the Kane household. Except for the Bell Centre, it’s probably the best place for a Hab fan.

    BTW Dennis, was there an introduction to Gaston? I probably missed it. His earliest tag is from June 27, 2008, but his problems seemed already well known. I only met him as he wreaked havoc later.

  2. Christopher, I’ve thought often about Gaston’s origins and I wish I had a picture of a tree. But that’s the only the beginning. It’s hard for me to describe Gaston’s days in San Quentin and the havoc he wreaked there. I’ll get on the Gaston past when I sort it out. It’s all just a nightmare right now.

  3. It’s purely speculation on my part, but judging by Jack’s wry smile he’s just been upsetting Gaston with tales of his nights in the warm embrace of Sweet Fanny Arkwright.

    Not a wise move I’ll be bound, if you knew just how Gaston feels about that winsome creature

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