Gaston And His Beautiful Models

There’s a lot of great blogs out there, and what many of these bloggers do is post beautiful, half-dressed ladies, often posing in hockey sweaters and not much else. So I’ve decided to do this. You’ll notice that some of them aren’t even wearing clothes.

Are you ready? Ladies and gentlemen. Presenting …….Gaston and his beautiful models!

6 thoughts on “Gaston And His Beautiful Models”

  1. DK,

    On closer examination I see that only one isn’t wearing any clothes – not counting a hockey stick & hat and that they are all male … UH? Hey, if you’re gonna compete in the titillation department I suggest you better understand the `tastes’ of your audience. Makes me wonder about U and Gaston???

  2. Habinator, the two bears are certainly female, and naked, except for their Olympic belts around their waists. I don’t think it can get more erotic than that. And the thing with big nose is also naked except for the hockey helmet and may or may not be female. Mystery can be a sensual thing. And is it possible that Howdy Doody could be a transexual?

  3. DK,

    When I think `mystery’, I’m thinking Agatha Christie, Charlie Chan, Raymond Chandler, et al. And sometimes, when I’m feeling feisty, I think Elysian Mysteries as in rites of Demeter & Persephone = orgy, bacchanalia, wild ecstatic eroticism. Sensual? I’m thinking Mozart, ballet, The Pointer Sisters (Slow Hand), good poetry, fine wine, a new idea. Sorry, DK, somehow Gaston & his gang of what? shameless sex objects, don’t fit the bill.

    Oh yeah, those two topeless androgynes look more like chipmunks on steroids than bears to me.

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