Gary Lupul

It was July 18, 2007 when Powell River’s Gary Lupul died of a heart attack at just 48 years old. I was shocked. He was a close friend of mine, and he seemed in good shape. It was a horrible time for many people, because Gary was loved by many.

There were those who didn’t love him quite as much as the rest of us though. Gary’s NHL career was cut short, mostly because he had a love for the good life, and there were some in town who felt he didn’t behave himself properly and blew a promising career. Gary heard these things, he felt bad that some felt that way, but que sera sera. He was simply an outgoing and fun-loving guy who was funny, great with kids, had no ego, and the ladies loved him, although some women in Powell River steered clear of him because of rumours of his struggles. That and I guess because he was often broke. It was their loss. He was an excellent fellow who looked like a stronger version of Hollywood actor Rob Lowe.

Below, Gary with the Canucks, fighting for the puck with Gordie Howe, and taking a faceoff against Marcel Dionne.

6 thoughts on “Gary Lupul”

  1. Martin, you’re absolutely right. Lemieux’s first-ever fight was with Gary. Mario was much bigger, but Gary had a feisty streak in him and held his own. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Great pics Dennis! Just watched “the fight” enjoying looking at old photos. Can’t believe it will be 7 years since #7 left us… Always got me laughing ! Would love to hear his options on the Nucks season !!!

  3. Hi Bruce. Great to hear from you! Haven’t seen you in years. Are you still in PR? And I’m not sure if you know or not but I’m in Montreal now.

  4. Hey Dennis ! 12 years in Vic . now just 2 wks back in PR! Feels a bit strange but great place in the summer! Hey , sorry about the Habs – in tough now! Take care…ttyl

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