Gary Leeman Says No To Habs Cards

For whatever reason, and I haven’t heard a definitive answer, Gary Leeman, who played for the Canadiens during the 1992-93 season and won a Stanley Cup, and 1993-94 where he split his time between the Habs and the Fredericton Canadiens of the AHL, won’t sign any hockey cards with him in a Habs uniforn.

He’ll apparently sign pucks and photo of him wearing the CH, but not cards, like the one below.

I wonder why. It seems fairly weird.

4 thoughts on “Gary Leeman Says No To Habs Cards”

  1. That is kind of odd but sometimes people just have the strangest quirks. Maybe he got ripped-off by them some how and as a result refuses to sign any now?

  2. What I had heard was that he didn’t want anyone to have a complete autographed set of cards of the 93 Cup champs.

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