Gary Carter Loses Battle

Above are ticket stubs from times I saw Gary Carter play when he was a Montreal Expo. I’ve always loved baseball and was a big Expos fan, and I remember and miss those days when Carter was catching for them and gunning out runners at second and nailing guys napping at first base.

He was an Expo for 12 years ending in 1984, (he became a Met the following season), and he ran the show from behind the plate, was an outgoing leader, and he could hit the long ball. And on top of his baseball talents, he was friendly, had that big smile in interviews and curly hair that I’m sure the ladies loved, and he embraced the city of Montreal.

It’s sad to lose a hero, a man I associate with a nice time in my life, when my kids were young, I had more hair, the Expos were coming close, and my first wife still liked me. Yes, those were the days.

Gary Carter passed away on Thursday from brain cancer. He was just 57.


5 thoughts on “Gary Carter Loses Battle”

  1. This is really sad to hear. I was never much of a baseball fan but I did like Carter a lot. Damn Cancer. I hope someday a cure is finally found for it – it’s an awful rotten disease that steals loved ones away from us.

  2. Too sad. He brings back memories of sunny days and playing baseball with my brothers as we pretended to be him and and his teammates. RIP #8.

  3. I remember going to Montreal for the first time as a naive 21 year old from Hogtown Toronto and going to see an Expo game at Jarry Park..

    Montreal was exciting ….the women actually dressed in more than sloppy blue jeans and I loved the Expos…..(Blue Jays had not hatched yet)…

    Montreal had a great aura back then and Cary Carter was part of it as the flamboyant leader of Les Expos……

    Rest in Peace “Kid”

  4. He will be missed.

    Classy guys like Gary Carter are hard to find in today’s sports world.

    We’ll never forget his beaming smile and love of the game and the city of Montreal.

    And Montreal will always love Gary Carter.

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