Gary Bettman Wets The Bed, And Other Hockey Thoughts

Hockey items you could discuss with your friends after five or six beer:


The Philadelphia Flyers have sent Steve Downey down to their AHL affiliate, the Philadelphia Phantoms.

Players around the NHL now stand a much better chance of not having their skulls cracked. AHL players, however, are putting extra padding in their helmets and have told their wives to remarry if anything happens to them.

Steve Downey is Sean Avery on crystal meth.


Gary Bettman says everything’s rosy in the the league and so talk of a team in Canada is silly, especially the part about having two franchises in the Toronto area. Bettman may or may not have said this as he overlooked the three franchises around New York from his office window.


This is a guy who probably even makes French-Canadian oldtimers long for Clarence Campbell.

And why are teams like Atlanta, Florida, Nashville, Phoenix etc. so important to the little man, and placing a team in Canada isn’t?

There has to be a reason. I just don’t know what the reason is. Is he getting fat little Christmas bonuses from people?

Was the bully who picked on Bettman in school a transplanted Canadian?


Rumours contimue about Wild star Marian Gaborik being traded to Montreal. I’m assuming Gary Bettman is against this because if it makes the Habs even stronger and even more of a Cup contender, the Stanley Cup could end up in the dreaded backwaters of Canada, one of the commissioner’s worst nightmares.


And one of my worst nightmares is a major trade involving the Canadiens which disrupts the harmony and chemistry they’ve got going now.  If they landed Gaborik for future draft picks only, then great. But they’d need to clear out some salaries to make room for him, which means moving some existing players.

Is this a good idea?


Did the Boomer-Pocket commercial make you smile?


Bobby Clarke says Sean Avery is an idiot and someone should punch him out. Of course, when Clarke played, he was an angelic, gentlemanly fellow whom the whole hockey world loved. But aside from that, I completely agree with him.


This five-game break in the schedule for the Canadiens may or may not suck. Players can nurse their wounds and certain things can be worked out in practices, but geez, they’ve been on such a roll. And don’t forget about the poor wives who have to put up with them for this long. This isn’t normal for the little ladies.

Hope all this doesn’t affect the big game against Anaheim Saturday night.


Is it possible Gary Bettman told the schedule planners to give good Canadian teams big long days off to disrupt their play?











7 thoughts on “Gary Bettman Wets The Bed, And Other Hockey Thoughts”

  1. Hmm…
    1- Downie is an idiot, but hopefully for AHLers his knees are bugging him too much to start anything.
    2- Bettman’s an idiot.
    3- Gaborik is a constantly injured guy who’d probably break an ankle walking on the plane. Habs would be crazy to trade half the team for him. He’s also an idiot (or his agent is) for not making a deal with the Wild even though he supposedly wants to stay there.
    4- 🙂
    5- Avery is just an idiot. He would turtle on Bobby Clarke.
    6- This brake is good for the team, but man it’s boring. Hope Price gets over his flu in time for Saturday too…otherwise Kim St. Pierre will have to play 😉

    Overall, lots of idiocy in the NHL eh?

  2. Two kinds of hypocricy: first, the basic self-contradictory stuff where you say/do things that do not reflect your true feelings/thoughts – this is the hypocricy that oils the wheels of society; second, the much more pernicious `holding of others to standards to which you do not hold yourself’ which Clarke is engaging in here in that he appears to be comparing Downies actions with Avery’s and judging the latters to be much worse but what he really is doing is claiming that `saying’ is worse than `doing’, that Avery’s big mouth and dopey actions are somehow much worse than Downie’s on-ice violence. Okay, so he wants to be really kiddie stupid, so what? I mean busting K’s ankle and being proud of it tells us where he is coming from, eh? But, the thing is, according to his own standards he must surely realize that what, for example, he had to say about Roger Neilson’s cancer was far far worse than anything Avery every said. Yup, Clarke is a hypocrite – the worse kind.

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