Gary Bettman……….Grrrr

CBC’s Ron MacLean got into it somewhat with the little big man, Gary Bettman, in the second intermisssion of game three Wednesday night, and more and more I want to give the commissioner a wedgie. 

Bettman says someday he’d like to see Winnipeg and Quebec have a team again, and we’ll believe that one when we see it, and it’s obvious he feels big-time pressure from certain owners to keep a team out of southern Ontario, regardless of the fact it would be a licence to print money if Hamilton or thereabouts won a franchise.

Oh, and by the way, that team in Phoenix is thriving and is the most wonderful place in the world for players to play in and of course it’s going to stay, according to this guy. Phoenix – the team that doesn’t do well at the box office, the team that can’t find owners and solid financial backing, and the team that has spent more time in court than at the rink trying to figure out how to be a franchise. 

But in Gary Bettman’s psychedelic and distorted world, it’s better to be there than in southern Ontario, a hockey hot-bed where Bettman and his buddies would be able to light cigars with thousand dollar bills.

I was pretty lousy in school but even for me, Gary’s logic is so illogical it makes me wonder that if I did some acid or mescaline, maybe it would make more sense.

Gary is a slut for the owners, a well-paid prostitute, and when Toronto and Buffalo and Detroit say they don’t want a team in between them because it would affect their bottom lines, then Gary gets off his knees and says, “Yes sir. Won’t happen, sir. Just leave it to me. Can I get you a drink or polish your shoes?”

All this guy is doing is protecting his own ass – his job as league top dog, and he’s doing it at the expense of several million hockey fans in true hockey areas. He’s looking after himself only, and as long as the existing owners line their pockets, his job is fine. It’s been this way with presidents and owners for decades and decades, and it’s not about to change now.

Here’s the clip if you missed it. Grrrr.
Bettman tells MacLean everything is great yada yada yada

8 thoughts on “Gary Bettman……….Grrrr”

  1. Zero Personality called…yada..yada

    Just a thought, Dennis…is there any sort of relationship (or history) between this dick and the grapes? I can’t imagine the 2 even having a productive conversation.

  2. Jan, you mean Cherry? I can’t remember anytime at all when they spoken. Cherry knows all about how brass treats players and it’s all about the money etc. and probably wants nothing to do with the weasel whatsoever.

  3. Hey Dennis, I missed the interview,but can imagine what what said.hat Bettman is a real piece of work isn’t he?The guy is never wrong,and knows all about the game of hockey ,tottaly.I think that the hockey world would have beeb better off without him,just the owners wouldn’t have made the money that they have.

  4. I was sitting on the edge of my seat during that intermission because I was sure that Ron was going to deliver a right jab to that asshole. I was yelling, ” Yeah Ron, go ahead and hit him then go to a commercial while the crew cleans up the blood.”
    You could see in MacLean’s eyes that he was ticked off and dying to scream out a particular profanity. I wish he would have however, had he done so then he probably would have ended up like Dave Hodge did a long time ago when he made a boo boo on air. That would mean “Grapes” would end on his own or paired up with Bob McKenzie and those two together would be like listening to a broken record. Hey Bettman…considering the dollars or rather, lack of dollars that the Coyotes have brought in, there’s obviously more to do in Arizona than watch hockey. Duh!!

  5. Ron’s a better man than me. I’m probably too much of a wuss to have decked the weasel, but no way I could have made it through the interview without yelling and insulting him. I’m guessing the last 10 years with a senile Cherry must have given him a lot of patience.

    The next day he even managed to help save a drowning man. Here’s hoping that he had shoved Bettman into the river and then thought better of it.

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