Game Seven Here We Come!

They did it. They came through when they were teetering on the edge, and it’s now down to one game Wednesday to decide this terrific and downright stressful series. 

Habs 2, Bruins 1. A game where the Canadiens played hard and played with intensity and drive. A gutsy win, a deserved win. And a big thank you to Milan Lucic for taking a major penalty for ramming Jarslav Spacek’s head into the glass, although Jaro might not have been been too crazy about it at that time.

You took one for the team, Jaro. Because while Lucic was removing his skates in the dressing room after being kicked out for his hooliganism, Brian Gionta scored what proved to be the winning goal.

What does all this mean? I think it means the Bruins are casting doubts about themselves now, are in slight disarray, and the Habs are feeling good and understand completely that they can nail the final nails in the coffin in only a matter of hours. The three-game slide has been stopped and reversed. Scorers are scoring (Cammalleri and Gionta tonight), and with Carey Price on his game, fans have every reason to know and believe that the Habs are alive and well and feeling fine.

Random Notes:

The puck was blown dead early in the game but shouldn’t have been as it was free as a bird when Brian Gionta shot it in. Boos rained down from the Bell Centre rafters for about five minutes at least.

Don Cherry brought up a good point: When fans were throwing things on the ice after Gionta’s goal was called back, the PA announcer warned everyone that the Canadiens would be assessed a penalty if the throwing continued. But, as Don points out, what’s to stop Habs fans in Boston, for example, from throwing things on the ice after a bad call to the Bruins and getting a Boston penalty out of it when they wouldn’t stop throwing?

29 thoughts on “Game Seven Here We Come!”

  1. elizabeth, this is the big one…………………………… yeh don well what’s to stop bruin fans from throwing stuff on the ice in montreal, don?……………..great game from everyone.

  2. Hey Dennis, Well I am very happy after the win tonite,ya gotta know that one eh.Kevin Pollak screwed up by blowing the whisle early on Gionta’s first try at scoring,he called a good game after that though and I was happy to see that.As for the fans getting a team penalty,just another one of hary buttman’s rules that are puttig an end to our game.

  3. What an awesome game. Power play is coming back. If I were a bruins fan I would be very nervous as they are not a good home team. Montreal has all the momentum. Don Cherry wasn’t even critical. And a big thank you to Big Nose. Boston took some pretty dumbass penalties and our guys have been very disciplined.

  4. A very good game from all. Even our eight million dollar man had his best game since the series opener. Martin sure shortened the bench, I don’t remember White at all, his hits and hustle always stands out.

  5. that is weird White didn’t play much. Maybe JM doesn’t trust such a young player. White is a good hard-nosed player.JM likely doesn’t want to wake the bruins up physically. Ruins sure seemed tentative tonight. A good sign for tomorrow. Maybe they’re getting tired?

  6. That’s a good point Mayo, the same way White makes me sit up and notice, playing him might wake up the Bruins who have started hibernating for the summer. They’re already a week or two past their bed-time.

  7. Hopes for that all-Canadian Stanley Cup final are still alive Dennis. The Canuck beat the Hawks 2-1 in OT last night and advance to round two.

    Momentum has swung in Montreal’s favour. I am sure the Bruins still have that rotten feeling about how they choked after having a three-game lead over the Flyers last year. And it must bother them a lot to know they blew a three-goal lead in the seventh game. I think they need to be reminded about this at every opportunity.

    Tonight’s the night.

    As Yoda would say: “Do or do not. There is no try.”

    Let’s do it!

  8. And Danno, those westerly winds you’re feeling aren’t really winds. It’s all the Canucks fans letting out sigh of relief.

  9. Yeah, Chris. Gomez was okay. Not great but not bad. Not sure about the White thing. Maybe Martin is trying to mould him into the player he thinks he’ll be and it means taking his time.

  10. Dennis,

    I’m what darling Don would see as a weak and spineless European. I just can’t help but feel the boys are going to fall short. It’s just been that sort of a series and season against the Bruins. When it’s going well we never quite put them away. I think we’re on the cusp of running out of enough fit players of the type who can really make a difference in backing up the seniors. AK, DD, Eller are all carrying injuries along with the Wizard. Pouliot’s gone.

    It’s a back to back game and our defence, slow at the best of times must be feeling the pace. We don’t get to the puck fast enough down low and that allows the Bruins to keep it in the zone and cycle for long periods. It’s energy sapping and that worries me.

    They’ve also given us problems with the cross ice pass, when we leave the neutral zone unclogged. We’ve not been slick enough on the transition for long periods, too many loose passes

    And they always seem to come up with a goal when they need it. We struggle to put the good chances away.

    And they’ve won twice in OT and we haven’t

    And they’ve not scored on the PP yet so they’re bound to

    And Lucic must have a good game sometime

    Have I forgotten anything?

    We’ve won three games? How?

    I’d be no good in a war. I’m going to lie down.

    To make matters worse I’ve been working on a leisure centre project that involves a full size international standard rink. So all day I’ve been looking at drawings of a rink with hockey markings and wondering……

    I’m not in a good place right now……..maybe later I’ll pull round.

  11. On a lighter note, I saw this about the rush by foreign delegations to grab London landmarks for entertaining and general nonsense during the 2012 Olympics.

    Strangely it doesn’t mantion Canada. I trust all is in hand and a prime site has been booked for the Dennis Kane’s Really Strong F**%+@g Beer Tent, a vists to which, for me, will be the highlight of the event?

    If there’s been some tragic oversite on the part of the Canadian Government there is a large expanse of parkland at the bottom of my street. A couple of old scout tents and some tables should suffice?

    See prime location,+E5&searchp=ids.srf&mapp=map.srf

    The Olympic Park is just off to the left. Posh bits of london are miles away.

  12. You’ll note the proximity to a large hospital.

    From personal experience they’re good with childbirth (my wife can testify) and broken legs (me, just the one), by reputation and a lot of practice, gunshot wounds, but blindness and brain damage due to very strong beer, I’m not so sure.

  13. Sorry, Dennis the Olympic Park is to the right on that map, it covers the area adjacent to Stratford International Rail Terminal. Don’t know what I was thinking.

  14. Good points Blue, they can be frustrating to watch. They will have to play smart as they are older. I think we should have won 5 games by now instead of three. I like Weber, bigger, stronger and more defensive minded than DD. Wish he were on Defense though and sit Soppel. Remember we have Price and our guys are starting to score. We’re an inch from scores being over 5. Boston will be tentative and they aren’t a good home team to begin with. Their PP was never good so no reason at all to expect it. They are taking frustrated penalties so expect more tonight. Our team is more disciplined and we’ve showed that the last 3-4 games. Main point is our PP is back. This should scare the shit out of the bruins. Their bench looks beaten.

  15. will be interesting to see boston try to cut down on their penalties. Clod Jullian likely instructing them to not take penalties and this will hurt them. They won’t be playing their usual game. Momentum is a big factor and we have it. 3 hours!! DOn’t mind me; gonna start praying.

  16. “Our father who art in Montreal.
    Hockey be thy name.
    Thy will be done. The cup will be won.
    On ice, as well as in the stands.
    Give us this day our daily fix, and forgive us our penalties, as we forgive those who cross-check us,
    Lead us not into elimination.
    But deliver us to victory.
    In the name of the fans, Lord Stanley
    & the ghosts of the Forum
    Amen~~ “

  17. gotta admit it is easier watching the habs during the playoffs than the regular season. It was almost every other game they took off and couldn’t be found. At least now they show up for every game. What a good group we have, talent-wise, skill, etc. I think the next maturity step is for some surprising career games from the youth like Eller and even AK46. I think if AK46 is flying, it’ll be nice to watch.

  18. Blue Bayou, you mention all those things about the Bruins but you neglected to mention that they’re a bunch crotch-eating, panty-wearing sloths.

  19. Mayo, I’m the opposite. The Habs in the playoffs is the most unrelaxing thing I can think of.

  20. Blue Bayou, that’s cool. Your area. The F%&&%Beer tent will be excellent there. Hopefully there’s a lot of alcoholics in the neighbourhood who will buy lots of beer.

  21. Blue, are those communities and that north-south road just to the west of the ice rink named after old Slowhand himself. I can’t imagine there’s a better place to live in London than Clapton Park.

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