Game Four Puts The Penguins On The Brink. Maybe They Shouldn’t Have Made The Trade.

By beating Pittsburgh 2-1 Saturday night, the Detroit Red Wings are only one game away from (1) winning the Stanley Cup, and (2), making me look really smart because I predicted Detroit in five games.

Detroit just seems too deep in the lineup for the Penguins. It’s a team of much more than simply Henrik Zetterberg, Pavel Datsyuk, and Nick Lidstrom. There’s all kinds of contributors spread throughout this lineup. Kind of makes you wonder how they went something like one win and eight losses during a bad stretch in the regular season.

And they’re doing this job with seven Swedes in their lineup. What would Harold Ballard think?

Pittsburgh on the other hand is Sidney Crosby, Gary Roberts, who makes up with heart what he’s lost in skill, (he is, after all, about 80 years old), and sometimes Marian Hossa and Evgeny Malkin.

Malkin looks like he’s in school, learning with great surprise that it takes a whole different game in the playoffs than it does in the regular season. Maybe he’s learning for future years, maybe not. All I know is that if I’m choosing a Russian for my team, I’d pick Pavel Datsyuk over Malkin. Datsyuk has this wonderful feistiness that I didn’t realize he had, and it goes along perfectly with his great skill.

Marian Hossa is good, not great, and I think Pittsburgh may have been more successful if they would’ve kept Colby Armstrong and Erik Christensen, instead of trading these young studs to Atlanta for the hired gun, Hossa. And don’t forget, Pittsburgh also gave away future star Angelo Esposito and a first round draft pick in this Hossa deal.

Not to mention the fact that Hossa could be gone from Pittsburgh after this season.

Announcer Bob Cole has been doing a fairly good job in this series. Maybe he’s only a wanker when he does Habs games.

Further to the last post regarding arenas and how most are named after banks and other corporations. It occurred to me today that maybe Vancouver Canucks fans might want to hope that BC Ferries doesn’t buy General Motors Place. There’s something about BC Ferries Place that doesn’t sound right. Don’t you think?



6 thoughts on “Game Four Puts The Penguins On The Brink. Maybe They Shouldn’t Have Made The Trade.”

  1. Obstruction, Kaners, obstruction! Even though I like Malkin, I would also pick Pavel Datsyuk over him. My brother is a huge Pavel fan and I guess it rubbed off on me.

    I quite agree, Ferries and hockey? Those poor guys will get it so bad from opposing fans. I can already hear it.

    Fans wanted our baseball team’s field to be renamed after a man who recently passed, but seeing Dunn Tire invests so much money, it’s not really possible.

  2. I must agree with you regarding this final series.The difference being ALL the Wings are playing with one purpose “play as a team”after all it is a TEAM sport!In contrast the Pens are standing aroud waiting for their hot-shot snipers to lift them to victory,if they have’nt clued in yet that Detroit has found a way of shutting them down to coin a phrase from years past “they’re done like dinner!!”.
    A month or so ago a voting poll appeared on my screen askig if you thought Sidney Crosby was a hockey Icon in the making or a total complete whiner,the results were 5-1 a total whiner.After his swan dive last night & is post game antics I think he proved the majority correct with their assessment,even Don called it bush league & you know the NHL brass don’t like negatives said on national TV about their Goldeb can do no wrong boy!!Mario tutored him well because he was a major whiner also.I wonder how Sid the Kid would have like #14 Claude Provost inside his uniform with him, just like he covered Bobby Hull those many years ago??? Your right Detroit in 5 !!!
    PS: Glad we did’nt sell the farm for another no show M Hossa!!

  3. I must disagree re: BC Fairies Ctr. They could all wave white towels in surrender & also would look great with white gauzeling wings on their backs floating around with the missing Lawerence in Lotus Land!!!!
    Hab’s Forever !!!

  4. Beatnik. You shouldn’t insult French Canadians. They’re great people. Full of life, humour, love, passion. You can be hard on their politicians, but you shouldn’t be saying such remarks. Lots of French Canadians read this blog and they would be insulted. I know I would be.

  5. Isn’t it amazing — its ok if you eastern folk poke fun at the Canucks but you sure do get mighty defensive when the shoe is on the other foot!

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