Game Day

It’s game day, the Habs are in Tampa to meet the Lightning, and I guess I don’t really mind so much if they lose, but I at least want to see them play well while doing so. In fact, I’m praying they only blow a one-goal lead instead of the normal two.

So many nights this season, the team has been flat and soulless and uninspired, and now that it’s pretty well too late to worry about any playoffs, just seeing them give their all and battle like proud men would make it a worthwhile three hours of watching, which is time I could spend looking for my cat’s lost hedgehog toy.

But having said that, if they can win 19 straight, they’re back in the thick of things!

Also, if Scott (The Promise) Gomez can manage just 2.5263 goals per game from here on in, he’ll have 50, which would be the first time a Hab notched this many since Stephane Richer scored 51 during the 1989-90. But I’m not holding my breath. Not after buddy Andrei Kostitsyn was shipped out, which might slow down Gomez’ torrid pace somewhat. And like I said in an earlier post, The Promise will be promising big things for next year so we should just be content with that.

It seems Blake Geoffrion will be making his debut in a Canadiens uniform. I don’t mind saying that it’s going to tug at my heart strings to hear the name Geoffrion skating for the Montreal Canadiens again. Although it’ll be slightly different from “and it’s Geoffrion, over to Beliveau.”


6 thoughts on “Game Day”

  1. Blake’s number is going to be 57 to honor his grandfather and great-grandfather. I think that’s pretty awesome. They let him choose the number and that’s what he went for.

    He’s been doing pretty good in Hamilton so let’s all hope it translates into the big club. I’m going on Saturday and I’d love to see him score just to see what the crowd will be like. Leblanc’s goal was a big one so I want to see what his would be like!

    I’ve resigned myself to the fact that this season is a wash but I hope we try to kick some butt in the remaining games. I guess Gomez will be a real gloomy-guss now that his best pal is gone.

    Would you believe that PG said that the reason the club has played so bad was because everyone was stressed about trade deadline. So I guess that explains the whole season eh?

  2. Hmm, we are still only 10 points out. Everyone else playing crappy too. We are 2nd worse in league. We have a pretty good shot at #1 in lottery. What a weird season. I have resigned to fact we are out of playoffs.

    AK47 wont be missed. I think we can be even better without him. Blake Geoff will be interesting to watch. I wish we could send Gomezdown!! Why does’t PG have the balls to do this and bring up some younger blood. We have been plagued with stupid management for almost 2 decades.

    Hoping for the best for #4.

  3. If Gauthier, Gainey, Molson or whoever runs this team is not being aggressive with trades, please, please, please RC, skate the hell out of Leblanc and Geoffrion. Let them play and learn and iron out weaknesses they have now to prep them up for next season. Up their minutes on the ice; keep them in the CH uniform.

    At least that’s what I would do.

  4. Marjo, that’s what I would do too. Give the young guys some serious ice time. I saw this morning that Lebalnc has been sent to Hamilton for some reason, and I’ve no idea why. Now is the time, like you say, to play these kids. Both could be a big part of the future in Montreal.

  5. Darth before the game drop into Reubens and have a great sandwich for me, I can almost smell & taste it!!! The way things are right now it most likely be the high light of the night.
    Cheers Mike

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