Game Day; Time To Sink Sens

Once again I’ve done it. Don’t ask.

I’ve just spent an hour writing a post about the upcoming Senators visit to the Bell Centre and then somehow deleted it. And no matter what I do about undoing it, I can’t get it back.

I’m not going to ask you if you know how frustrating this is. You’ve had your own moments. But please excuse me while I look for some liquor.

Here’s the gist of what I went on about. Even though I lived in Ottawa for 15 years, was married there, my two kids were born there, and I have good friends there, I want the Senators to not only lose and lose big to the Canadiens, but I couldn’t care less if they won another game this season. They mean as much to me as that other bunch sitting in the Senate.

I’ve also decided to not mention anymore about old friends who were great Habs fans until the Senators began play in 1992 and these old Habs fans became Sens fans and …………never mind. I’m trying to get past this.

And these murmurs about Alex Kovalev coming back to Montreal? This riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma? This player who decides to play once every five games?

Do we want to regress to the team we were a few years ago? A team going nowhere? We’re on the move now and we don’t want Alex Kovalev, plain and simple. We’re still working on Scott Gomez for goodness sakes.

13 thoughts on “Game Day; Time To Sink Sens”

  1. Hey Dennis, Yes I have deleted things in the past,even things I have written here,only to hit the wrong button and they’re gone.Liquor don’t help either,just try and remember what you wrote and redo it.The Idea of Kovalev returning to Montreal,will only be for the game,the Habs are doing very well without him,as for bringing in Scott Gomez’s name for comparison,I dont think that Scott has as much talent as Alex,he puts way more effort into his play,just keeps coming up short.I feel sure that Kovalev could score most every game if he wanted to,not so in Gomez’s case.I like the way that Gomez works hard everty nite though.

  2. It would go against our capitalist system to not allow anyone and everyone to buy computational equipment. But I think it would be a good idea if all this stuff was sold without a proper delete facility.

    Like driving, you should then have to take some sort of exam before they’ll let you have a delete button.

    I’m not sure after 25 years or more of keyboard “wizardry” whether I’m ready to take it yet.

    The only technical advice I can offer is “have you tried turning it off and on again?” That seems to be the answer to all queries from the tech-heads at work.

  3. Dennis, they say it’s no use crying over spilled milk. But you cannot help but cry over spilled single-malt scotch.

    That is to say, the pain of losing something is directly proportionate to the quality of the loss. In any event, it sure isn’t any fun when it happens.

    I guess the best way to prevent this from happening again is to figure out what takes place before it happens. Then avoid repeating it.

    Trouble is, we don’t always know.

    If I am writing a long text, I sometimes highlight and hit control +C which is the copy function. That way I have a temporary copy of what I have which can be retrieved by hitting control + V (paste).

    Also, when you accidentally delete something there is an undo function which is control + Z. That has saved me a few times.

    Also, there is a free download of a program called Glary Undelete which is supposed to be a solution for this type of situation.

    I should tell you I know nothing about other than what it claims to do. Inever tried it and don’t know if it’s any good. Maybe it’s best to hear from others first to see if they had any luck with it.

  4. Denis.Nice to know this old friend is always in your thoughts. Must have thought about me a lot last year as our season record was 5-1 against you guys.
    However..being down to you 2-1 thus far into the season I hope we can eke out a victory tonight, turn our season around and finish up 4-2 against Les Habs. Game on!!!
    Sweet dreams Denis.
    JW. Overly optimistic Sens Fan in Ottawa

  5. Thank you Danno and Blue Bayou. I know it makes no sense at all but I lost the story but the title stayed. How’s that for unusual. But I tell myself I’m way behind everyone else when it comes to computers so I should be happy with the progress I’ve made.

  6. Geez, JW. When you were a Habs fan you would have hated to hear something like that. This is a prime example of why I don’t understand you and others bailing out like that. I remember when you wore a Habs jacket and we talked Habs at work. I’ll never understand.

  7. I’m with you on the Kovalev rumour, that ship sailed and bringing him back would only hurt players like Kostitsyn who have found their own game without him. As for Gomez, there is a lot of speculation out there and the one I like has to do with over exposure of the game he plays and that he is now too predictable in what he tries to do in the offensive zone. But who really knows? I am glad to hear that Muller is working with him to get his game back. Do we want a third line checking centre for 7 mil?

  8. Dennis, are you typing into your actual website? Or are you typing it into a MS Word document first, then transferring to your website page? I would suggest doing all your work in a MS Word document first, saving every five minutes of course. Then when you are done your writing, simply copy and paste into your website. That way you never have to lose the whole thing, you always have a back up.

    I hope the rumours of Kovalev are false. He is to enigmatic and lazy. Beautiful skills though but he’s not worth $4-$5 million any more. Would be interested to see him come back at $1M / year.

  9. Dishonest John we sure don’t want a 7 mil third line centre. This guy was rookie of the year when he began, but now I don’t see him as effective at all. Like you say, he’s so predictable. Good skater, lugs the puck up the ice…and then nothing. I didn’t know Muller has made him a project and that can only be good. How great would it be if Gomez made a big impact. We need him to be good and I wish he’d hurry up.

  10. Thanks, Mayo. I do it directly on the website and maybe I should start doing it on Word. It’s something I’m going to try and see if I can used to. Thanks again.

  11. Do the rumours include what we would give up for Kovalev? How about trading over-paid under-achieving players, Kovalev for Gomez. Yes Gomez tries harder, eats more minutes and can play defensively but Kovalev can score when he cares. I doubt Ottawa would go for it, as Kovalev has a shorter contract and lower cap hit, but I can dream.

  12. Alfredson would be really nice in a Habs jersey. Heart, leadership and he’s still got enough talent to easily be in our top six ( top three).

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