Game Day In Manitoba

Game day – in Winnipeg, Manitoba. A big game for both clubs. The Jets are on the bubble for the eighth and final playoff spot, and the Habs…..well… know.

So it’s gonna be a beauty. Unless Montreal falls behind 3-0 in the first, and in that case, it’s time for a lynching maybe.

Jarrod Tinordi has been called back up by the big club, and if Tinordi’s smart, he’ll take to heart what Therrien said about how he wants the kid to play, which is physical. Of course this should be the type of game Tinordi brings. He’s 6’6″, 210 pounds, and if he doesn’t play tough then he’s just another kid who may or may not enjoy a fine career.

But a guy with his size ( although he could probably stand to gain about ten pounds), could be a desired commodity, an important element added to a team that isn’t exactly gigantic.

So if Tinordi’s smart, and I’m sure he is, he’ll be aggressive and hard hitting. What good is a big d-man if he doesn’t use his body?

The young fellow isn’t the only who’s expected to play with an edge. As reported at, Therrien and his coaching staff put the players through some serious paces yesterday, focusing on physicality and winning battles. Who doesn’t like the concept of physicality and winning battles? And why haven’t they been doing it lately?

They work on it in practice, but will they practise it at work?

They’d better. We’re a restless bunch out here in Habsland.

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