Game Day – Habs And Those Other Guys


If I can only scrounge up $2.50 to go the game tonight. Even seventy-five cents if I don’t mind sitting up high. Of course it’ll cost me about $900 to fly to Toronto and back.

So all in all, to be there when the Canadiens wipe out Don Cherry’s love children would be about $902.50, which would be worth it to witness Carey Price and the gang stop this team that has no business making the playoffs because that’s not why they’re in the league. They’re there so we can make fun of them. It’s honorable if you ask me.

Two teams who could meet in the first round, but maybe not. Others teams might might want to have a say in things. But for now, the task at hand is to whup these Torontonians tonight to show them and their fans that maybe it might be better if they didn’t make the playoffs.


11 thoughts on “Game Day – Habs And Those Other Guys”

  1. Indeed, the Leafs do suck.

    While Cherry’s fawning is tough to listen to, it’s Healy’s blow jobs that are unbearable.

    What’s the status on TSN taking HNiC from CBC?

  2. Dennis, some of the Leaf fans are acting way too cocky lately and they haven’t even made it to the playoffs yet.

    The Leafs shouldn’t be counting their chickens before they hatch because the Habs have two games against them before the regular season ends – and other teams will be fiercely fighting to get ahead of them and rain on their parade…

  3. Mike, Glenn Healy is such a know-it-all. His act is getting tiring. Much of the HNIC gang is tiring. And other than TSN taking the theme song, I don’t know about the whole package.
    I just wish I spoke French better so I could watch games on RDS only and forget these others.

  4. It’s true, Danno. Nothing is set in stone and they shouldn’t be counting their chickens. Although much of the Leafs defence plays like they’re set in cement.

  5. The price of that ticket..oh it hurts, it hurts. The good old days. Sigh.

    Well, we have Tim Peel tonight so expect a fiasco. I can’t wait to see how many blown calls we’ll see. I think we’re winning it but it has the feel of one of those games we’ll win, but it’ll cost us a lot. I hope no one gets too badly injured.

    5-1 Habs.

  6. have a gut feeling the leafs will play roller-derby goonery tonight. Seems if ya can’t play HOCKEY your fans scream for blood. Look around the ACC–there’s an abundance of flakeys who watch wrestling[aka low on talent high on thuggery!!NEVER have I understood hockey to be your 2min. goon engaging someone TO GET THE CROWD INTO IT. The Flyers did it Julien does it the leafs are model studentsw/Carlid as coach. Shame to see a franchise stoop so low!!Here,s to hockey!!

  7. I love nights like this, Darth. Special nights in the schedule. A classic match up. And you’re right – no injuries. Win and no injuries.

  8. A good old fashioned Saturday night Habs-Leafs clash, Peter. If the referees are fair and consistent, we’ll take advantage of the goonery and trounce the buggers. It’s going to be great fun.

  9. Will that big goof Dion Phaneuf run away like a scared chicken after he gets an invite to fight from Prust or Boullion for dishing out a dirty hack against one of our smaller players?

    He did last time.

    Stay tuned…

  10. O.K. guys, you brought my spirits back to positive. It’s GOOD to have supportingbloggers– hope that’s a appropiate word– to pick me up.GO GET ‘EM RYAN WHITE,– take his leash off for one nite!!!

  11. Houston…come in, Houston…we need to turn back, we forgot to board our goalies.


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