Game Day Gazing. I Know What’s Going To Happen

Once again, while you’re snuggled in your beds tonight, I’ll be at work, giving 110%, working for the man, bringing home the bacon.  The complete opposite of a famous hobo in the Dirty Thirties who said no hobo should ever work until everyone else has found employment.

It’s just a roundabout way of saying I won’t be seeing the game until after it’s been over for a few hours.

But it’s no problem. I know what will transpire. I looked within myself and saw how it’s all going to go down in game one of the Habs-Flyers series.

“In the end, as the buzzer sounded at the Wachovia Center, Flyers VP Bobby Clarke was so incensed he slashed a popcorn vendor across the ankles with a broom stick. And retired goon Dave Schultz threatened to cause havoc in the press box until Larry Robinson, sitting not far from him, told him to settle or down he’d once again pulverize him.

Montreal appeared rested, and although playing with vim and vigour, managed just one goal in the first period. However, they did blast several shots off Dan Carcillo’s face, which more than made up for the lack of goal production. Dominic Moore took advantage of a Flyers ‘too many men on the ice’ penalty, and the Canadiens struck first.

Jaroslav Halak was fine but didn’t appear quite as sharp as in previous games. But he was still better than Michael Leighton, Ron Hextall, and Bernie Parent combined.

Carcillo, althout outwardly feisty, refused to fight Travis Moen, Hal Gill, and Ryan O’Byrne on different occasions, and said later he would have clobbered them if he didn’t have that nagging paper cut problem and if there had been more teammates in the vicinity. 

Canadiens continued their strong play well into the second, but a roughing penalty to Brian Gionta for pulling Carcillo’s pants down allowed the Flyers to set it up, and big Chris Pronger fired one that deflected off Carcillo’s face to tie the game.

For the next while, Philly took it to the Canadiens, momentum was on the Flyers side, but they couldn’t solve Halak. Scott Hartnell was also given two minutes for being such an ugly son a bitch but the Habs couldn’t capitalize.

In the third, with the Flyers still forcing things, Marc-Andre Bergeron shot a low shot that went through everyone’s legs and over Daniel Briere’s head, right onto the stick of red hot Mike Cammalleri, who made no mistake.

Late in the game, Maxim Lapierre, who has had a fine playoff thus far, scored the insurance marker after Dan Carcillo took a penalty for diving while he was still on the players bench, and the Habs win 3-1 to take game one.”

This, I’m sure, is what will happen. Late tonight, when I get home after giving 110% working for the man, I’ll watch the real game and report back.

4 thoughts on “Game Day Gazing. I Know What’s Going To Happen”

  1. Actually Dennis, I had a dream Friday night the habs won 4-3 in regulation.I actually woke up kinda disappointed as I thought I missed the game. Andre Markov not playing which may be a good thing. Hopefully be available for final if we get by Flyers. Hope we steal at least one game in Philly. Can’t believe most commentators pickng Flyers. Their eyes will be opened early.

  2. Yeah, Mayo. Montreal’s going to have to win it all this year and probably next before they get the respect they deserve. I mean, why are the Flyers so fantastic now? They barely made the playoffs, just like the Habs, and finished in 7th. So why all of a sudden they’re the favourites to win this?

  3. Getting penalized for being so ugly will help Scott Hartnell. Without the notoriety and associated pictures, no one would believe he was a hockey player and security would turn him away from the Bell Centre.

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