11 thoughts on “Game Day – Expecting The Best”

  1. Hard to be optimistic at this point. Even if one was able to leave aside the injuries, the breaks certainly have not gone the team’s way, and when you factor in the “referee factor”, and yes, the fact that the Bug-Eyed Fat Walrus has outcoached Michel Therrien, I think that the series ends tonight, or on Saturday night, at the latest.

  2. Not this time 🙁

    Great season. Too bad it had to end with a whimper.

    Looking forward to bigger and better things next season.

    Thank you Dennis for providing us with this great Habs site – and for keeping it going all year ’round.

    Go Habs Go!

  3. Yes, thank you, Dennis, I genuinely enjoy the blog! The Habs appear to have finally turned the corner. Some changes are clearly needed, to be sure, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    One negative thing that someone pointed out to me: Scott Gomez is playing in the second round of the playoffs, the Habs are not. :-/

  4. I have been a Hab fan since 1952. I don’t hate anyone who has worn the uniform, not even Scott Gomez. This year’s team far exceeded expectations. I hope Bergevin adds what is necessary for a winning team. Two heavyweight bruising forwards and a reliable starting goaltender who plays his best in the money games.

  5. Ian, you’ve been a delight, with excellent insight into the Habs, and I’m grateful you come here.

  6. Terry Gain, thanks for finding my site. You’re a valuable and welcomed addition, and I like that we’re from the same generation. Please come back. I’m always here. Like a bad rash.

  7. oh my, Terr Gain is from ‘THE DAYS OF GLORY May the stories abound now from some guys who were followers back then. Maybe it will help shorten the summer. Better oil the hinges on your treasure chest Dennis!! Bergevin has the face of a warrior–that is a compliment– so I’ll trust he’s got some idea of what it’s gonna take to improve– and who may have to go OR be used in trade

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