Game Day – And Darth Sends A Flyer

I really admire Darth. For the sake of his art, he’s strayed from Habs players (and Sandy Koufax), and ventured into enemy territory, with his latest being Wayne Simmonds of the Philadelphia Flyers.

I think it’s a tremendous job Darth has done of this talented Flyers power forward, and it’s a real nice library we’re building of Darth creations here.

It’s Habs and Flyers, tonight at the Bell.



9 thoughts on “Game Day – And Darth Sends A Flyer”

  1. Wow. I thought for sure that Thereien would start Budaj tonight. Guess not. Maybe he’s saving him for Penguins . 😉

  2. TSN just announced the Sens vs Bruins game is cancelled due to terrorist attacks at the Boston Marathon.

  3. What the hell was that? I recorded the game and after my son took a quick peak he promised me he wouldn’t reveal the score. The only thing he said (with a pissed off voice) was: “they gotta do something about Price”.

    I shoulda gone to bed.

    Where is their spark?
    Will Fleury represent Canada?
    Where the hell is Moen?
    Why Beaulieu and Drewiske?
    Does Pleky have a dark side?

    Maybe ok if this was against Boston or Pittsbugh, but the Flyers?? And why the hell NOW?


  4. They’re all good questions, Marjo. Although I’m not sure about Plekanec having a dark side. All I know is, every time the puck was near Price I was nervous. I don’t why he seems to lose his game sometimes. But as long as he gets it back. And soon. And the defence was atrocious and for sure they miss Emelin. I hope now people will realize how important Emelin is in the scheme of things.

  5. Dennis and Marjo, I think Emelin is a key piece that was holding the defence together even though his contributions often went unnoticed.

    He’s like the tie-rod end you were told by the mechanic to replace and thought it was no big deal until it snapped off left you in a pickle.

    I miss his big hits that made the other teams more careful about crossing our blue line. Emelin is a perfect example of you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

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