5 thoughts on “Game Day”

  1. They almost made it, but didn’t! I could feel it in the bones;overtime loss. Saw the first and second then had to go out, and sad to report I saw other fans in the metro with tears in their eyes, glum long looking expressions. What’s to be done with team that wins out against some of the best, and then falls flat over this type of ‘jeu’ today? MIster Boone at Liveblog made a remark about PK not being himself lately; well,l now agree. I tell you this team has a pyschic block against winning out over Tampa , the Senators & the Leafs. God bless them god bless hockey! I gazed into my crystal ball_ I was right about today, it was written in the hockey stars! No win pour Montreal Samedi. Well, nothing is written in hockey and so we see what happens Monday.

  2. Maybe I will start a blog about this sport too: I might call call it: Crystal Ball No More! I have in mind a Kurt Vonnegut sort of tone as in; Blue Monday No More!

  3. Hockeyfan, I thought PK was more like his old self in the last few games than he has in a while. He’s got a bit of the old flair going. Unfortunately, the odd mistake crops up during his dangling but that’s part of the price to be paid. I think he’s going to continue to get better for years to come. On another note, I’m watching the Habs-Jets game and PJ Stock seems almost normal. It’s hard to figure. I think he’s acting.

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