Game Day

Game day, with the boys in Pittsburgh to tackle the Penguins, a team that has several good players, although the names escape me just now.

Peter Budaj gets the call, and that’s fine. He’s been a nice surprise this year. But the team in front of him has to show up. Unlike the last two outings.

The Canadiens need to display some serious vim and vigour, with fire in their eyes and jump in their Tackaberrys, with guys who’ve been quiet lately to suddenly come alive.

They can do it. Pittsburgh has a nice team, but they’re not the Orillia Byers Bulldozers Bantam All-Stars.

The last time the Canadiens and Penguins met, on March 26, Pittsburgh won 1-0 on a goal by Sidney Crosby after the Canadiens had just got through ringing a couple off the crossbar, and in looking at my post from this game, I see that I was bitching about how the Habs weren’t scoring, how they couldn’t hit the net, and how they only had one goal in two games.

But Montreal would pull themselves together after that last Pittsburgh game, beat the Bruins 6-5 the next night, and they climbed out of their funk just like that.

Like they have to do now.

There’s only one thing to do. Waltz into Pittsburgh and win big. Play like they did in the past. And then continue to build over the final five games and head into round one with a full steam.


I’d like to veer off the subject for a moment and just say how sad I am that there are people in this world who are evil enough to put nails and metal in exploding pressure cookers and harm innocent people, including a little eight-year old boy who died while at the Boston Marathon with his family to cheer on runners.

Such a senseless act by people whose minds don’t work the way ours do, and may they be caught soon and dealt with in proper fashion.

Habs fans are with the good folks in Boston through this. You’re our friends. We just don’t like the hockey team.







5 thoughts on “Game Day”

  1. Hey Dennis, I don’t know if you have noticed …but Budja has improved and playing with more confidence this year then he has in earlier years, could it be that he is being played more and able to shine when in the past he only played once in awhile? Good move by Therrien, let Price get himself together .

  2. Legendary team, Habsdoc. If it wasn’t for Huntsville, Barrie, Parry Sound, Collingwood, and a couple of other towns, we probably would have won the Central Ontario championship.

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