Game Day

It’s game day, the Washington Capitals are in town, and this is a team that must be feeling good about themselves right now. The Caps are 6-0-1 in their last seven contests, and are being led by the guy many, including myself, thought had seen better days – Alex Ovechkin.

According to the Capitals’ website at, Ovechkin has scored 20 goals in his last 23 games. It seems he’s found new life. The last time I paid any attention, he looked slow and uninterested.

Didn’t he get married not that long ago? Is this another classic example of the old adage that behind every good man is a good woman? Or is it uncool to say this nowadays?

Whatever the reason, he needs to be neutralized. Get him off his game somehow. Maybe we could slip him a note saying his wife was just seen with Sean Avery!

Nicklas Backstrom is hot too, with 28 points in 23 games, and he could also pose a problem. I’m thinking that one of those open-ice wallops from Mr. Subban might do the trick.

There’s absolutely no reason why Montreal shouldn’t close the deal. They’re 13 points ahead of this team in the standings, and as hot as the Caps are, the Habs are right there too, sizzling like a steak on a barbeque. The Capitals may be 6-0-1 in their last seven, but the Canadiens are five wins and just one loss in their last six. So as the famous scholar Alfred E. Newman once said, “What, me worry?”

In their one previous meeting this season, in Washington on January 24th, Montreal won 4-1, and did so with Andrei Markov scoring two power play goals and P.K. Subban sitting at home without a new contract. Subban would sign four days later.

What’s slightly disturbing about the NHL/Capitals write-up is that it mentions that the Capitals have shutout the Canadiens in their last three visits to the Bell Centre, dating back to March of 2011. Three different Caps goaltenders registered these zeros, including Braden Holtby, who is expected to start tonight.

I expect we’ve seen the end of that nonsense.









4 thoughts on “Game Day”

  1. Hey Dennis, I think that Ovechkin has probably been allowed to play as he once did a few years ago…which means no backchecking,no passing,no team play,just shoot the puck , take over the league stats in shots on goal and try and turn the Cap’s fortunes around before playoff time, I’d love to see the Habs do them in though.

  2. Danno, I’d forgotten all about that. I wonder how the league managed to bury these allegations. I don’t anything ever came of this.

  3. Derry, I think it’s the home life. I know for me personally, marrying Luci made me come alive again.

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