Game 5 Bummer

The Canadiens fall 3-2 to the Rangers in overtime, and now it’s gonna take them seven games to win the series instead of six.

I’m okay with that, because I have faith. But they’re testing my faith. And my patience. Bastards.

For much of the game, the Rangers were the better team, and that’s unacceptable, especially at the Bell Centre where noisy fans provided the atmosphere, but fans can’t put the puck in the net. That’s where the team is supposed to chip in.

It was a sickening sight to see the puck get past Carey Price in overtime, because as dominate as the Rangers were in OT, it was always possible that a lucky break could see the Canadiens end up winning the thing.

It never happened, and now the series resumes once again on Saturday in New York. And it’ll have to be all hands on deck for that one, because no-shows aren’t welcome. Never have been, never will. Especially no-shows that wear the CH.

I still feel that Montreal is the better team. It’s just how I feel. They weren’t tonight, and they weren’t on Tuesday. Or game 1 for that matter. So maybe they’re not.

This one hurts.

From my notes:

In the first minute of the game, Carey Price made a huge save on Mats Zuccarello, and I thought maybe Pricer was gonna be a hero on this night.

Andrew Shaw and the much bigger Brendan Smith dropped the gloves, Shaw got in several fine rights, and he looked good as he swung away. It was just the beginning of a rough and tumble, hard hitting, testy kind of a night.

Still in the first, Artturi Lehkonen fooled with Marc Staal and ended up swooping around the net and sending the puck past Henny Lunny to give the boys a 1-0 lead.

Still in the period, Jesper Fast scored a shorthanded marker after Alex Galchenyuk coughed up the puck, and the game was tied.

Galchenyuk’s been mediocre at best in this series. Maybe he doesn’t want to be a Hab anymore.

Just 25 seconds later, on the same power play, Brendan Gallagher fooled Henny from 15 feet out and the good guys took the lead again.

In the second period, Zuccarello highsticked Paul Byron, catching him in the eye area. Somebody needs to tune the Norwegian in once and for all.

With just 1:32 left in the 2nd, the Rangers tied it up, and it was after this that the strength of my ticker was firmly tested.

Sixteen seconds in, Gally took a slashing penalty when his little love tap knocked the stick out of the hands of a weak-wristed Blueshirt. A cheap call indeed, but NY failed to score.

Gally’s only 5’9″, 184 pounds, but he’s the toughest son of a gun on the ice.

Also in the third, Phillip Danault hit the post while the team was shorthanded, and Max couldn’t solve Henny on a clear-cut breakaway.

Max is in a slump at the wrong time of year. But you already know that.

In overtime it was all Rangers.

One Lousy Random Note:

Game 6 on Saturday in New York is an 8pm ET start. Or 5pm where I live.




10 thoughts on “Game 5 Bummer”

  1. There’s crazy shit and then there’s this train wreck. First half was great. Second half not so much. Overtime they stopped skating. I thought I was looking at my Jean Beliveau table hockey game with one end a foot higher than the other. Couldn’t get the puck out of our end. I’m hoping desperation gets them a win. I’m worried about Pricey. Another 5 hole stoppable goal. Without that one, we win.

  2. Habs ran out of gas in the third. By the OT, they were seriously dragging their collective asses around the rink. Was it all the hitting they did in the first? Not sure but that was actually embarrassing to watch. I think they are done and I’m usually the optimist. Our lack of consistent scoring all year long is coming back to haunt us. You can’t count on anyone to come through with a timely goal with this team. MaxPac’s breakaway was the death knell..he scores there and it’s a completely different result, IMO.
    Anyway, I’ve felt since last year’s collective collapse that they needed to find a true No. 1 center and reconfigure the top 6 forwards via trade and the draft. NOt easy, I know. But Chucky and Danault are not the answer and never will be. Chucky can’t even PLAY center because he lacks the vision and also the faceoff skills to go against the better teams in the league.
    Markov is worn out already, NO way he should be playing 27+ minutes on this squad at his age. But we have little in reserve.
    I don’t see this as a contending team and they are proving it with each passing game in this series. They are like a spring winding down.

  3. Your Jean Beliveau hockey game will be tilted the other way tomorrow, Billy. Or at least level, which would be a helluva lot better than what we saw on Thursday. There was no excuse for them being dominated so much by NY. This team continues to boggle my mind and I’m sick of it. Stinking at the Bell Centre in their biggest game of the year (until their biggest game of the year becomes the one on Saturday). How times have changed as the years go by.

  4. Hi Rob. I’ve sort of given up on Chucky becoming a superstar. I thought and hoped it might happen, but I don’t really think so anymore. I prefer a guy like Byron more than him. And of course, a guy like Gally. Gally’s parents did a good job with this kid. Your point about all their hitting they applied early might have worn them down for sure. It’s hard to say, but it’s a good thought. Max on the breakaway – damn. He could’ve made everyone forget that how asleep he’s been. Can they win on Saturday? Of course. But everyone has to play hard, with no passengers. Geez they can be a piss-off.

  5. Hey, Dennis..I probably came off more negatively than I was still digesting the loss.

    I like this team and feel they should do better in this series. But yes, they are a piss off at times. Just when you think they’ve got it going, they hit another pothole in the road an careen out of control. 🙂

    I hope this next game shows us they aren’t as bad as they showed in the latter stages on this game. Come on boys..

  6. A win was expected by us of course. But at least we ain’t being bullied around anymore. Hopefully we get some goal scorers this summer……how ever THAT works I don’t know. But the thumping we give makes the pain less painful. And yes , I expect our guys to stop pussy-footing around, but getting it done!

  7. For sure, Peter. They’re a tougher bunch now, which is a beautiful thing. It’s what we wanted for awhile. I’m hoping to see Weber pound someone like he did a few games ago. He was vicious. It was great. But we also don’t need him in the penalty box so maybe it’s a bad idea.

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