4 thoughts on “Galchenyuk Highlights”

  1. What gets me is that the guy is still young…he hasn’t even gotten near to maturity yet. Can you picture what he’ll be like then?

  2. Darth, we have to pray he doesn’t get hurt and lives up to his potential. We need a huge star badly.

  3. We should also hope that a Bruin doesn’t injure him too badly.

    I think he’ll be ok. Gallagher is going to be great as well and PK is only going to get better and better. Good things are coming our way. Sadly our good friend Mr. Gomez probably won’t be a part of it.

  4. Darth, Tinordi and a couple others as well. But my eyes are getting moist thinking about losing Gomer. They need him in Alaska so I guess we’ll have to suffer and let him go.

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