8 thoughts on “Galchenyuk Gone For A Bit”

  1. Alex G is a Face Book Friend Saw he was online so sent A PM to him concerning his injury in The Fla Game & he answered it (Went back forth with three messages each) confirming he had a broken hand & could be out of The Lineup for up to six weeks….

  2. This is a big loss for the team. On the other hand, George Parros has been cleared to return, and he’s just as good, right? 😉

  3. Thank Martin. And I have a question. I’ve seen some of his postings on Facebook and they seem to be directly from Google translate, as the English is extremely rough and all over the map. Have you noticed that as well? Or was it just a one-time thing?

  4. Yes – I have when he explained his injury as a post it was kind of jumbled & ended sort of funny but he got his message out concerning his injury…..

  5. Here comes Subban,He circles back behind Price, he looks to pass to the other guy, no, he skates to the line, turns on the afterburners— roar of the standing crowd drowns out the rest—‘cross centre and the Solviet blueline around Bocshnivslov and THERE”S Emilin with a another thunderous hit—Subban into the boards and not moving , Emelin — the crowd silent—,—–on the ice holding his knee——– I hope THAT doesn’t happen

  6. My loyalty would be the league that pays my wages rather than a two week national political mis-mash of gooblety-goop. Good hockey it is!!! Wish the international type hockey lovers could unite and boycott the N. American Roller Derby on ice and get to playing hockey. Just a thought.

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